Sikoba, The Best Money Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Do you want to earn money safely? You require a credible money platform. There are many money platform types to select. One of the choices is Sikoba. This is much recommended and trusted to handle money earning.

What Is Sikoba?
You certainly want to know about Sikoba. Sikoba is a globally decentralized money platform. This is based on IOU peer to peer and built by blockchain technology. You can gain safe money from this platform. Moreover, it is trusted and credible so that you don’t need worries about the procedures of this money platform.
Alex Kampa,
Sikoba is the result of my life-long interest in monetary theory. We see a future where money will once again be diverse, with many different issuers, with a variety of credit relationships, where people will take an active interest in the type of money they wish to use. Our aim is to provide the tools to achieve that vision.

Dynamic Sikoba Concept
Sikoba is a money platform decentralized based on IOU peer to peer and established by blockchain technology. The members know and trust each other in a real life. They give support on credit in Sikoba system. They can pay without using virtually paper money so that it is more dynamic and efficient to do by many people. The relationship of peer to peer credit is managed by contract in a certain condition, payment setting, and cost structure. With using credit conversion, it is able to configure and pay among members. Fiat money or cryptocurrency used has no credit relationship between members to pay back debt if it is needed.

Sikoba's basic and most important rule is that a user will only ever have exposure to those he has expressly chosen to trust.
The major advantage of Sikoba compared to lending or value transfer platforms is that participants can pay each other with IOUs even in the absence of fiat money, cryptocurrencies or other assets. Whenever possible, debts are erased by a process of clearing, which is a system of ongoing compensation between participants. Fiat money or cryptocurrencies will be used when there are no credit links between participants, or to repay outstanding balances when needed.

High Flexibility
When you select a certain money platform, you may get worried about money crisis attack. This is a terrible condition in finance. You need the help of government to launch new instruments. Sikoba takes a part of this case. It is giving higher flexibility than banking system. Meanwhile, it is related to the sophisticated KYC system to protect your privacy and finance. You’re going to see future in the money that you got. The purpose of this money platform is providing tools to achieve the vision of credit, money, and money earning.

Handling Some Money Cases
The purpose of Sikoba is preparing generic platform for money system. This is also useful to handle some money cases. Thus, various cases starting from simple money community and banking system can be handled by this system. Some relevant cases are possibly overcome by Sikoba. You can gain benefits of this money platform.

Business model
Small transaction fees will be charged for using the platform, for which users will need to purchase Sikoba’s SKO tokens. The system will be designed to keep transaction fees permanently low, while SKO tokens should tend to become more valuable as transaction volume grows. The marketing will focus on existing networks, business or social.

Use case #1 : B2B and trading-company credit system
Sikioba will provide an efficient and inexpensive solutions for the B2B trade credit system. It will allow groups of companies, that do business with each other on a regular basis, to do so on credit without the traditional costs associated with bank credit or factoring. The system will allow companies to create cross-company credit systems, registering invoices into the system and only paying residual balances after periodic clearing. This should also result in a much more efficient trade credit system.

Use case #2 : Alternative for micro-credits
Micro-credits carry very high interest rates, sometimes over 50% annualised. They are also difficult to obtain, especially in areas where the next bank is far away. Bank money will always be needed for some purchases, such as specialised equipment. By using the Sikoba platform, however, artisans and merchants can start using their own credit for local trade, thus decreasing their reliance on bank money and micro-credits.

If you want to have a credit for company or business, you can take Sikoba for credit system. This is giving a brilliant solution related to this credit. Sikoba also solves interest, exchange, and money features for credits and finance. This is welcoming to give individual credit for a certain person. Almost complete cases are kept very well.

Sikoba Team
  • Aleksander Kampa, Research Director
  • Eyal Ron, PhD, Chief Scientist
  • Craig Sailor, Operations Director
  • Roland Kofler, Blockchain Consultant
  • Bok Khoo, Consultant
  • Lisa Tan, Finance & Accounting
  • Jean Lasar, Communications Director
  • Rufus Wright, Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check Official website or Join Slack to communicate with Sikoba team!
Sikoba team has plans to start the pre-sale to collect the funds on April 25, 2017 until May 15, 2017. More detail about pre-sale, come on please check this:

Sikoba Roadmap

  1. Sikoba LTD created.

  2. Thrashing about.

  3. Token presale. We asked the blockchain community to support our project at an early stage.

  4. Greenpaper published.

  5. The doldrums.

  6. Signs of life.

  7. Accelerating! Marketing strategy active, development work started and research begins.

  8. Fantom.Foundation supports sikoba.

  9. Manas.Tech becomes sikoba's technology partner.

  10. MVP Release.

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