VOISE - Revolutionizing The Music Industry Announces the Launch of Its ICO

Technology is something that is extremely progressive in nature for it simply always improves over time. Sometimes it amazes me how one invention can then spread like a wildfire and soon every single aspect in life will incorporate the invention in question into its system or concept, one of the inventions which have been tried and tested and then incorporated by companies is the blockchain technology. Initially only known to the public as the technology that backed up Bitcoin, it has since morphed into something that seems larger than life. Not only that, the blockchain technology is also set to change the future of the world. It allows institutions to break free from the bureaucracy which has long been ruling the industries and also provides them with the opportunity to immediately discard systems which are deemed inefficient. Boasting a transparent system, the technology is also favored by many for its ability to provide security and eliminate inaccuracy – simply because any data that has been entered to the system cannot be changed or tampered with.

Industries have started to embrace the shift in technology and resorted to incorporate the technology to the concept of their product. These days, almost everything has its own blockchain-based version. From telecommunication, to debit card – and the latest one? Voise project, an incredible music streaming and music downloading platform which is set to be built using Ethereum blockchain technology. Not only will it be developed to cater to the needs of music enthusiasts, it will also be developed to help independent artists get the profit they deserve.

Only independent artists know the struggle behind trying to stay afloat in the industry. They may produce great music, slowly build their fan base from zero, finally get the recognition every artists is after, but when it comes to marketing their own music, things often turn sour. Not only is it a difficult thing to handle, the profit they make after a long period of hard work may not be sufficient for them to get by. This is due to the fact that the traditional system demands extra expenses for distribution and middlemen, and Voise is aware of the struggle. It’s the reason why the company plans to offer 92 millions of token in its ICO that is projected to start on May 6th at 2 AM. The crowdsale will go on for a month and will be used to help them develop the Voise platform for different devices.

VOISE Crowdsale
Voise team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on May 6th 2017 until Juny 6th, 2017 14:00 GMT. Those interested in participating in the crowdsale can buy Voisium tokens (VSM) with a wallet that supports usage of smart contracts like: Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet, etc.

Voise will start with a supply of 100,000,000 VSM, of which 92,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the ICO, 3,000,000 will be distributed for Advertisers/Promotions, and remaining 5,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Team.

Crowdfund Timeline: 32 Days
Total token supply: 100,000,000 VSM
Total ICO Supply: 92,000,000 VSM
ICO price : 160 VSM/ETH
Crowdfund Objective: 575,000 ETH (minimum 7500 ETH)
If that amount is not reached the funds will be returned with an automatic contract.

Rules of Voise crowdsale:
  • Don't send Ether directly from exchanges.
  • You need to set the Ethereum transaction gas limit to 150 000 (IMPORTANT).
  • VSM tokens will be instantly sent to your ETH wallet via the smart contract.
  • Tokens not sold will be burned via smart contract.

So don't missed to be part of VOISE!
More detail about Voise crowdsale, please check https://ico.voise.it and subscribed on Bitcointalk.



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