Populous - Invoice Finance Importance and Security

As an immutable public record data that is secured by peer to peer community network, Blockchain platform makes it impossible for anyone to tamper on a data, let alone to remove said data, once an entry has been made. Another thing worth noting about Blockchain is the fact that it offers users a secure way to store their data on the network and transfer or share it whenever they feel like it without having to worry about whether or not the process is secure. This type of cyber security and reassurance is what makes this technology a trustworthy and reliable invention. Blockchain may initially be used only to back up Bitcoin, however, its application has now been included to a lot of different types of activity. One of them is Populous, the ethereum based trade finance and invoice finance.

The Importance of Invoice Finance
Populous is an invoice and trade finance platform built using the latest in blockchain technology.
Invoice finance is a very different option. This allows businesses to borrow against their own assets, that is their unpaid customer invoices, letting them unlock the money that is tied up in customer debts.
There is nothing more important for a business than positive and good cash flow. This, however, is not an easy task to do, especially in this bad economy condition after recession and many more.

Not only does a great cash flow affect a business’ ability to keep on running on a daily basis just like how it should be, it also gives your business the opportunity to develop the existing project plan, create brand new opportunities, purchase everything related to the business whether they be an equipment or something else, and last but definitely not least: pay salaries and other benefits to our employers. However, collecting all of the late payments and money that a business is owed is a quite difficult task, and it is also the primary reason why more than 40,000 businesses in the UK alone rely on a great invoice finance to help them handle the task.

Populous as The Greatest Invoice Finance
Yes, you have read it right. As much as 2 billion per year of late payments set businesses back, and no entity can simply handle the job better than an invoice finance provider. However, over a few years of being in the making, we are now being introduced to Populous. Not only is Populous the greatest invoice finance, it is also the most secure invoice finance all thanks to its extremely secure and encrypted Blockchain platform. Using Pokens as its stable currency tokens, once the invoice is financed by the investor, these pokens are then sent to an invoice seller which in turn can transferred to their Ethereum wallet or exchanged.



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