What Is Populous and What Is It For?

About Populous
Bitcoin may be the first one to use blockchain technology, but these days almost everything can benefit from incorporating the platform into its existence. The latest invention to incorporate blockchain platform is Populous, the first and only ethereum based platform specifically designed to cater to invoice and trade finance. Not only doe it use smart contracts, Populous also utilizes XBRL data as well pegged tokens in order to create a one-of-a-kind trading environment for both the investors and the invoice sellers when they trade a large number of different invoices from all parts of the world using its blockchain technology.

Data has always held such a significant role when it comes to making a financial decision. This is where Populous sees the need to add blockchain to it's system, because not only does the technology makes it possible for us to register any of our financial transaction and store it securely, it also guarantees that all of the assets which are registered and stored by the users can be granted transparency and users can be given the adequate rights to privacy. With this blockchain technology, all of the stored data can also be shared seamlessly and anonymously when it is absolutely needed – typically when one has to ensure their own privacy.

All of the aforementioned points may seem incredible, but to those who have limited understanding on what Populous has to offer and how it can benefit them, a more thorough explanation is needed – and what better way to understand the blockchain based application other than reading a reliable review? Just like any other small business owner, I found that applying for a loan for business purposes is far from an ideal solution. Especially if your business requires some sort of immediate funding. We all have been there, the sudden increase in working capital funding or unplanned short term investment prompted us to take immediate action in the form of funding – this does not only attainable for the most part, even if we can get the funding we need, we may have to find a hefty price as a result.

Rather than opting for business loan, why not collect the money owed to your small business? This is exactly what Populous is for. By adopting the concept of conventional invoice provider, Populous helps you manage to get the money owed to your business immediately – as opposed to waiting for 45 days which often end up causing financial woes.

Populous Team
  • Stephen Williams, CEO/Financial Data Miner/Expert/Analyst
  • Zvezdomir Zlatinov, CTO/Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer
  • Jonathan Millar, Specialist Invoice Finance Risk Consultant
  • Konan Fabien Beugre, Advisor/Head of Rest of Africa market Structuring and Commodities distribution Africa at Barclays Investment Bank
  • Rayan Guotay, General Counsel
  • John Morton, Advisor/Big Data Architect
  • Luis Carranza, Advisor/Marketing Expert - Founder of Fintechweek.com
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: http://www.populous.co/#team or Join Slack to communicate with #PPT team!

Populous Roadmap

  1. Concept Development

  2. Whitepaper Publication

  3. Smart-Contract Development

  4. Initial Coin Offering

  5. XBRL Integration

  6. Public Beta Release

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