Choosing Your Decentralized Storage in STORJ

The future of cloud storage was decentralization. You can imagine that been able to rent hard drive space through the autonomous network then getting paid the, in a cryptocurrency. This us all possible and thanks to storage platform that had been popular. This is because as business grown they might face the increasing of industrial storage to bring the wider range of product, serving the customer with wider geographic area or some combinations as well. During this growth and expansion, you might consider taking off your warehouse capability and better meeting with the demands in your business and customer as well. So, STORJ might be your best friends and offering best solution for you.

This is unlike other 2.0 platforms, Stroj had decided to take an approach of “baby step” to developing their software, they want to build their own system out in small, module pieces firstly so it can be used as the working prototypes as well. Firstly, those pieces were the drag and drop of file hosting web application that called as the Metadisk which had been its whitepaper and video tutorial released. This is important to note that Metadisk was only one piece of STORJ and along with the development was progressing, the more of these web applications, such as DriveShare that used to rent hard drive space in your own, will be come together for more cohesive whole as well. You able to check on STROJ official site to know further information that you need and understand how it can give you best solution. Even, you are also able to join with the STORJ Token Sale. You can check their partners, advisor, team, community and many more that you need.
  • Shawn Wilkinson, Founder, CEO & CTO
  • Tome Boshevski, Founder & Chief Design Officer
  • James Prestwich, Founder & COO & CFO
  • John Quinn, Founder & Chief Development Officer
  • Gordon Hall, 1337 h4x0r
  • Ryan Foran, Developer
  • Philip Hutchins, Principal DevOps Architect
  • Jens Heimbürge, Developer
  • Bryan White, Developer
  • Alexander Leitner, Developer
  • Dylan Lott, Developer
  • Patrick Gerbes, Lead Data Scientist
  • Braydon Fuller, Developer
  • Barbara Liau, Developer
  • Maximillian von Briesen, Developer
  • Will Blankenship, Developer
For detailed Storj Team Members descriptions please check out: Storj Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #STORJ team!

The cost of STORJ had come out with the infographic n the comparative cost to save up data between decentralized system like STORJ and the traditional centralized system and the result was quite surprising, STORJ had claimed that buying and selling hard drive on autonomous network will reduce the cost of cloud computing. There were many established coins, such as: bitcoin and Ether on cryptocurrenct ecosystem and STORJ choose to issue their own token that specifically for STORJ, there are some benefits behind it. You can get granularity because bitcoint was unable enough to support the granularity needed for the micropayment. The flexibility that allows you to migrate in another accepted standard without getting locked on certain technology.

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