InsureX : Alternative Marketplace For Insurance Based on Blockchain

Just recently in 2017, a new company has been established known as Insurex. Unlike other companies, this one has a very unique concept. Working in insurance sector, the company has different way to sell their insurance products. Unlike other companies selling insurance using real money as currency, Insurex uses the Blockchain or cryptocurrencies as applicable currencies. This notion was brought up after many clients request for an alternative marketplace using the virtual currency. And so this idea was finally made true by the founder, Ingemar Svensson.

Today, InsureX is one of the biggest insurance companies based in London that has been developing new and more advanced platform to improve the administration, security and reduce the overall cost. InsureX surfaces as marketplace gather all the brokers, reinsurers and insurers to trade any product of insurance directly. The decision to use the blockchain technology is merely an effort to streamline the downstream processes including the claims, premiums, policies and programs. And, it also creates more efficient process by removing any inefficiency since insurance trading often involves several intermediaries layer.

With such feature and advanced system, working with InsureX will certainly be one of the best decisions to join the innovative change that is driven by technology. It allows for new and also alternative insurance marketplace for much better insurance product. The alternative marketplace provided by InsureX is also only more efficient but also stronger as it avoids any manual delays and intermediaries because the insurers can directly meet the brokers.

So, when you decide to join the InsureX, there are several open positions for you to join. For instance, there is open position for companies selling insurance products for the clients. Or, the position for companies who look for insurance product. Once you join this alternative marketplace, you will be given with portfolio for organizing your transactions. And to make the transaction successful, high level and aggregated information is available.

InsureX makes sure the execution of every transaction can run well. It is started with insurance product being found by the clients. Then, the process of required information exchanging is initiated. The platform exists to track each step. Moreover, InsureX also provides market insights which allow the clients and insurance companies to see what is on the offer. And, they also use the insights to understand more about the market. During this process, the real-time view dashboard is always available to provide the insights.

InsureX Team
  • Ingemar Svensson, Founder and CEO
  • Cristina Dolan, Co-Founder and COO
  • Mikael Olofsson, Co-Founder and Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Ross Campbell, Chief Underwriter, General Re, London
  • Nick Pester, Partner, Head Of Insurance & InsurTech at Capital Law LLP
  • Ransu Salovaara, Senior Adviser and CEO TokenMarket
  • Timo Schlaefer, Co-founder / CEO Crypto Facilities Ltd
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: InsureX Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with InsureX team!

Roadmap of InsureX

  1. - Research & Development
    - Prototype
    - Establish Partnership

  2. - Funding
    - Team Expansion
    - MVP
    - Early adopters

  3. - Signup 10 clients
    - Extend downstream processes
    - General availability

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ETH Address: 0xC4f9B7a8C02D51562eD7EeE23418C0088D67cFCa



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