Dimcoin – Future of Cryptocurrencies

Birth of Bitcoin has triggered the evolution of the cryptocurrency market during the last few years. Bitcoin is not the only valued cryptocurrency available in the market because there have been many coins born including Altcoins and DIMCOIN. Today DIMCOIN has reaffirmed its position as one of the most desirable cryptocurrencies. It confirms one thing, that DIMCOIN is a profitable digital coin using shared public ledgers and cryptography. By having these characteristics, the DIMCOIN is as traceable, anonymous and a secure cryptocurrency. It is fully decentralized in nature which means that no central concentration point exists.

The name DIMCOIN holds a certain meaning. DIM stands for Data Interchange Module. The DIM comes in two versions: DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. The DIMCOIN is a speculative coin that can easily be exchange against other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the DIM Currencies are means of exchange in the DIM Ecosystem. Their value is equivalent to fiat currencies which they are being exchanged against. There are various services offered within the DIM Ecosystem such as: equity virtualization, cryptonised assets and shares trading, cryptocurrency exchange, e-commerce, crypto-fiat currency exchange, business transactions, debit card purchases, and commodity trading. You can simply access the services and trade using Depotwallet on mobile devices and computers. Depotwallet is a blockchain wallet that allows users to buy, sell, store and manage cryptocurrencies and virtualized tradable instruments. Tradable instruments are exchange at Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE).

How reliable and effective is the DIM Ecosystem? Well, it is fully reliable because it is based on NEM blockchain technology. What makes the NEM so famous? It comes with a unique 2-tier design using spam protection, node reputation, and also incentivized infrastructures through supernodes. These features are used to allow safe and secure online transactions and trading any time.

Check out the schedule so you can prepare yourself. In 2017, there are various events taking place including the reprogramming of HYBSE into a blockchain platform, the launch of Android applications and the listing of DIMCOIN on 3 major cryptocurrencies exchanges. In 2018, there will be beta testing and implementation of HYBSE on blockchain, the launch of Android mobile phone trading applications, and have the DIM Currencies accepted for commercial purpose. In 2019, the DIM Ecosystem aims to have 1% share of total global trading and expand operations into South America. And in the 2020, the aim is to have the DIM Ecosystem listed on global stock markets and operations will be expanded into Africa.

Dimcoin Team
Team Members
  • Nolwazi Mabena, Compliance Officer
  • Lucky Mlombo, I.T Support Officer
  • Trevor Kana, Senior Economist
  • Yanga Mapengo, Marketing Officer
  • Amina Williams, Social Media Officer
  • Jens Heinemann, Translator
  • Charlize Booyse, Customer Care Executive
  • Kim Lawrence, Personal Assistant
  • Krishna, Backend Developer
  • Vatscar, Backend Developer
  • Mulhani, Frontend Developer
Executive Team
  • Fabian Kippenberg, Head of Communications
  • Roelf Barnard, Chief Financial Advisor
  • Katarina Katic, Chief Financial Officer
  • Andre Heydenrych, Compliance Advisor
  • Stanley Luvhani, Compliance Officer Manager
  • Anne Mercy Minyaho, Operations Advisor
  • Uros Trajkovic, Public Relations Manager
  • Vivien Tillett, Marketing Manager


  1. PHASE #1

    List DIMCOIN in 3 major exchanges, reprogram HYBSE into Blockchain platform and launch application on Android. Have 50 companies listed on HYBSE.

  2. PHASE #2

    - Implementation of HYBSE on Blockchain, launch mobile phone trading for Android and have DIM Currencies accepted for commercial purpose.
    - Expand operations into Asia.

  3. PHASE #3

    - Have 1% share of the global trading done on DIM Ecosystem, list ecosystem on global stock markets and implement DIM ATMs.
    - Expand operations to Sounth America.

  4. PHASE #4

    - List the DIM Ecosystem on global stock markets.
    - Expand into Africa.

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