E- Commerce Solution : Best Features in the Block System From BitBoost

BitBoost can be the best solution for your online business. It provides you the best system ever for e-commerce. What is its system? It is called “The Block” system. You will get many benefits by using it. Well, there are many features provides by the block. If you want to know about them, keep reading below! Here is the discussion for you.

Reputation System
You need to know that this service is supported by reputation system. Buyer or seller will have the rating from their reputation. Its reputation is derived from their transaction. Don’t worry about the hack! This system is protected from all lack or scams of seriousness. Besides that, it will also allow the buyers to reward fair traders and exclude the fraudulent users.

Customizable Design
Next, the block system is designed customizable. It is available as the native application on all desktop platforms. You can use it on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The application will also include the themes support. Besides that, there are two built themes available for you. They can be used for free.

The users can enjoy bookmarking the searches, items, and sellers. In other hand, they will be easier get the transaction. Besides that, it is supported by privacy settings. It will let the users choosing the arrangement that can work well for them and the instance.

You also need to know that privacy setting will allow the users to choose two using options. They can use their own Ethereum block chain copy and the remote copy with BitBoost developer’s maintenance. In other hand, the users will know other users by the Ethereum address. As a result, they can remember them easily.

Easy to pay and to be paid
Now, let’s talk about the payment system of this e- commerce service. The Block provides you the built in wallet. It will help you to store the Ethereum native currency. Because of it, the sales revenue will go directly to your wallet. Meanwhile, the purchasing system will be made directly from this wallet. Last, the users can also purchase the Ether from the Block by using BTC.

As we know, this service uses the Etherum smart contract. In other hand, every transaction in the Block will be copied on the block chain of Etherum. So, this system will provide you the trusted service. Finally, those are all some features that you can get from the Block system of BitBoost.

Bitboost Team
  • Andrew Lekar, Founder Lead DEV Back-End
  • Paul Mahone , Founder Lead DEV Front-End
  • Gianluigi Davassi, CTO
  • Maksim Sergeev, UI DEV
  • Riccardo Scanavacca, iOS DEV
  • Samuele Maran, Founder Project & Marketing
  • Alvaro Rodriguez, MARKETING
  • Alessandro Tozzi, Community Manager & Marketing
  • Yessin Schiegg, Financial, Legal & Regulatory Expert
  • JL777, Blockchain & Cryptography Expert

Roadmap of Bitboost

  1. - Caching sytem ready | Anonymous imgs
    - All connections are through https
    - At least 2 remote geth and caching node deployed
    - Aliases istead of ETH address | 2FA
    - At least one escrow provider is available
    - Private beta testing begins
    - First localized versions released

  2. - Tools for escrow providers
    - Find pending disputes, resolve disputes
    - Localization complete for 20 languages

  3. - TOR anonymity support
    - Blacklisting service goes live
    - Importable themes
    - Rating system for sellers and items simple feedback system
    - Personal markets/stores with own settings and filters
    - Tools for moderators: update blacklists
    - Expand localization
    - Mobile apps for Android and iOS

  4. - Auctions
    - Fiat service implementation using...
    - Fiat based tokens for trading
    - Expand localization

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