How to Increase Sales Quickly at Affordable Cost

Every business needs excellent advertising strategies to increase brand awareness. In this modern world, online advertisement plays important role in business marketing. Unfortunately, this particular ad is not always effective. It is because business owners need to pay ridiculous cost for the middlemen. As a result, the money spent on online ads is much higher than the amount of your return of investment. If you spent too much money on online marketing and have stagnant sales, you must start considering BitClave.

What is BitClave?
Business owners must know about BitClave. This platform is different from conventional marketing firms. BitClave is a great platform for both business owners and customers. Apart from giving them more money, it also gives other advantages. This decentralized ecosystem will connect you directly with consumer. This system excludes the middlemen. Therefore, you don’t need to spend any money to pay them. With this system, you can personalize your promotions and offers and deliver them to the costumers who have decided on joining the service.

Customers joining this ecosystem because of their own will. They have more control on what kind of offers and promotions they want to receive. Therefore, business owners can advertise their products to the right customers. As a result, you have more chance in increasing your sales. You and other business owners are not the only ones who get the benefits from this ecosystem. Customers also get benefits from They can earn money from viewing your promotions.

More About BitClave
For business owners, this platform is secure and safe. They don’t need to worry about the security of your data. You can make sure that your privacy is well protected. This platform will not sell your data to brokers. It is something that you cannot get if you promote your business on Facebook or Google. In addition, this platform is much affordable than conventional marketing firm. Therefore, you can save your budget. Moreover, it also gives business owners other advantages, such as smart contracts and activity ledger.

For customers, this platform can help them the right products and services for them. This ecosystem offers great convenience for them. And, of course, it allows them to get additional incomes from viewing ads.

BitClave is currently offering pre-sale order for their new product. This new product is Consumer Activity Token (CAT). It connects business and customers. If you get it on time, you can order it at lower cost. For more info, you can log on to its website.

BitClave Team
  • Alex Bessonov, CEO
  • Patrick Tague, CTO
  • Emmanuel Owusu, Chief Architect
  • Vasily Trofimchuk, Project Management
  • Min H. Kim, Head of Marketing
  • Yan Michalevsky, Security Architect
  • Andrey Shashlov, Core Developer
  • Eugene Kaganovich, Data Architect
  • Mark Shwartzman, Data Scientist
  • Danny Yang, Blockchain Advisor
  • George Samman, Blockchain Advisor
  • Kevin Doerr, Strategy Advisor
  • Gerald Beuchelt, Governance Advisor
  • Balaji Ganesan, Data Privacy Advisor
  • Brad Gaynor, Science Advisor
  • Charlie Liu, Technology Advisor
  • George Totev, Risk Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: BitClave Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with BitClave team!

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