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These days, you have more choices of investment. One of them is cryptocurrency trading. Years ago, people can only join stock trading. Later on, they can join Forex trading. And now, you have one more investment option. Trading on cryptocurrency or token can give more financial freedom. It allows you to gain more income and develop crypto assets. It is something that is very different from conventional assets. If you are interested in crypto trading, you can check Enigma.co first.

What is Enigma ?
Some of you who are not familiar with cryptocurrency must learn everything about this particular currency first before trading and investing in it. There are many types of tokens and cryptocurrencies that you can trade off. Each of them can be traded at different platforms. One of those platforms is Catalyst. And Enigma is the creator of this platform.

Enigma employs advanced technology in creating this trading platform. It is safe and secure because it is a decentralized algorithmic trading platform that is designed for crypto assets. This platform has some features that give you several conveniences. Catalyst feature cross-chain atomic swaps, full custody of assets, and instant settlement. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the security of your trading activity. Your crypto assets or money is perfectly safe. It is only you who have the authority of using it. Moreover, the exchanges are processed instantly.

Trading at this platform is not difficult. You don’t need to be an expert to join this trade. It is an excellent machine-based investing. You can access the algorithms of winning trading strategies. Therefore, you don’t need to create your own strategies. Creating excellent trading strategies takes time and skill. If you don’t have the skill and time to create them, you can access those winning strategies at this platform. You can get token reward if you can create excellent trading strategies for the community.

What is Token Used in Enigma ?
Enigma created ECAT as its token. This token is used in trading at Catalyst. ECAT was not available for public before. But, Enigma is going to sell this token to anyone who wants it. ECAT are used in several token dynamics. They are investment platform, quant-trading platform, Catalyst Exchange, and data marketplace.

Enigma project will start with a supply of 100.000.000 ECAT, of which 50.000.000 will be distributed to investors during the ICO, 30.000.000 will be retained as incentives for the Catalyst community, 10.000.000 will be distributed to the Enigma team and advisors, and remaining 10.000.000 tokens will be retained by Enigma.
If you want to buy those tokens, you need to have Ether. It is because Enigma only accepts Ether at this sale.

Enigma Team
  • Guy Zyskind, Co-founder & CEO
  • Can Kisagun, Co-founder & CPO
  • Tor Bair, Head of Growth and Marketing
  • Victor Grau Serrat, Senior Software Engineer
  • Conner Fromknecht, Software Engineer
  • Prof. Alex Pentland, Director at MIT Media Lab
  • Jacob Gibson, Co-founder & COO of Nerdwallet
  • Justin Lent, Former Director of Hedge Fund Development at Quantopian
  • Matthew Falk, Former Software Engineer at Two Sigma
  • Ben Carriel, Former Quant at Citadel / Cornell University
  • Rodrigo Gomez-Grassi, MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan / Central Bank of Mexico
  • Abhishek Punia, Berkeley Haas
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Enigma Team or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with Enigma team!


  1. Prototype

    - Testing API
    - Limited data sets

  2. Token Sale

  3. MVP

    - Testing API
    - Live trading
    - Extended data sets
    - Web UI/IDE
    - Test net of Catalyst infrastructure

  4. Catalyst 2.0

    - Investment platform
    - Single exchange sign-on
    - Community driven governance (data sets)
    - Trading ICOs

  5. Infrastructure

    - Decentralized
    - No custodian
    - Coin agnostic

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