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The world has been undergoing big changes in terms of technology. The rise of blockchain is definitely one of those big changes that shifts the way people see and value their assets. Digital assets have now been considered as among the most potential ones in long term so more people are investing their money buying the digital assets that include Ethereum token. This time, Indorse joins the competition by offering its own digital asset for users to save and develop in the long term. Of course, just like other cryptocurrency, Indorse has a list of features to offer for all its users.

Indorse is a decentralized professional social network, which rewards users for being awesome! This project is being developed by the team at Attores- recognized experts in the community, with a current project in place with Ngee Ann Polytechnic (a Singapore college) to issue digital diplomas on the blockchain, (a private ethereum network set up by Attores for them).

Indorse Features
Powered by the advanced Ethereum technology, it is easy for Indorse to provide secured and promising digital asset offered through the decentralized professional network. Using the reliable channels, the users can get their skills endorsed and showcased. Of course, this advanced technology aims to let the users owning and easily monetizing their activity. Are you ready to join Indorse? Well, the first thing you need to do is to sign up for Indorse. Using the pre-alpha version, new users can easily join and use the platform to create profiles, indorsement and claims.

On the indorsement, there are many skills can be put up. The great thing is there is no limit when it comes to skills indorsement on the new platform known as pre-alpha platform. This is definitely a great thing that makes experiencing Indorse much better. Meanwhile, it is necessary for users especially the new ones to put up link connected to supporting materials like documents and videos once they have put up their skills for indorsement. And the indorser is required to review all the materials in regards of verification.

Here is another great news. There will be no cost that should be paid by users to use the platform. The only cost is gas cost as it is operating on Ethereum. Thanks to the alpha version that will be soon available on the mainnet, Indorse ensures that no cost will be deterrent for the users to use the platform and join Indorse. This company is also committed to use related technologies including Payment channels in order to bring down the cost. Once you join as user, do more activities like endorsing claims by other users, putting up claims and many more. These activities are the key to Indorse Rewards. Yes, there are rewards waiting for the users that should not be missed.

Indorse Team
  • David Moskowitz, Project Head (Founder)
  • Gaurang Torvekar, Project Technical Lead (Founder)
  • Dipesh Sukhani, Project Operations Manager
  • Avadhoot Kulkarni, Project Marketing Manager
  • Dave Appleton, Smart Contracts Developer
  • Harsh Nene, Senior Developer
  • Kedar Vaidya, Senior Developer
  • Prasanna Venkatesan, Consulting Architect
  • Gauri Gadgil, Designer
  • Brian Ip, Project Development Associate
  • Benedict Chan, Director of Engineering at BitGo, Inc.
  • Loi Luu, Founder and Developer for the SmartPool Project
  • Patrick McCorry, Research Associate (Blockchain), UCL
  • Matthew Tan, CEO and Founder of Etherscan
  • Shaun Djie, Co-founder & Partnership Director at DigixGlobal
  • Kc Chng, Co-founder & CEO at DigixGlobal
  • Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium
  • Yacine Teraï, Blockchain Investment & Corporate Business Advisor, Coinsilium
  • Dushyant Bhatia, Co-founder & Director at Gozoop
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with Indorse team!

MilestoneSoft CapHard Cap
Turing• Limited Alpha on testnet
• Full functionality to buildyour profiles and post claims
• Integration with Spectrum
• Limited Alpha on testnet
• Full functionality to build your profiles and post claims
• State channel implementation of AIP
• Integration wirt Spectrum
Babbage• Integration with uPort
• Refinement of the UI/UX
• Basic advertising system
• Releasing on the Mainnet
• Integration with uPort
• Refinement of the UI/UX
• Basic advertising system
Dijkstra• Connection with the various advertising APIs and the ability to buy ad space
• Integration with Status
• Integration with Attores Certificate Issuance (CI) system
• Connection with the various advertising APIs and the ability to buy ad space
• Integration with Status
• Integration with Attores Certificate Issuance (CI) system
Lovelace• Token dashboard
• Oraclize integration
• Token dashboard
• Oraclize integration
• Reality keys integration
• Advertising camapaign manager module
Moore• Indorse api• Indorse Developer Toolkit
• Indorse API
• Machine learning integration
• Refinement of the Anonymous Indorsement Protocol
Nakamoto• Indorse platform mobile app• Indorse platform mobile app

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