NapoleonX Presents Improvements in Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading in cryptocurrency stock market will never be the same again with the presence of NaPoleonX. This project is intended to transform how people do cryptocurrency trading to make sure making profit and monitoring the market movement more convenient than ever.

NapoleonX project is to invest in a wide range of assets classes, real assets (equity indices, Gold, BTC, FX, credit …) and Crypto assets underlying (ETH, BTC…). It is for that we “unbox” cryptocurrencies into real world.NaPoleonX aims to bridge the gap between crypto-currencies holders and quantitative investing in a wide range of real and crypto assets (equity indices, Gold, BTC,ETH, FX, credit …).

It brings improvement to some of the most common aspects in the world of cryptocurrency trading such as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and also trading bots. This project is still in its initial phase and the ICO will only start in the end of Q3 or the beginning of Q4 of 2017, but once it is launched, it definitely will make more people develop some interest to cryptocurrency trading.

Creates A Novelty
The novelty that this project brings is called Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAF). Basically DAF is based on Napoleon Crypto’s algorithmic solution but Napoleon Crypto’s job will be more than just that. It will also become an advisor to NapoleonX project, allowing the algorithmic solution to be presented on open source scheme and last but not least is to keep creating new algorithms that will be responsible in making new DAFs.
It is also important to insist in that NaPoleonX will be a master fund, collection 85% of all performances fees of all DAFs created now and in the future. As such, NPX token intrinsic value will be driven by the followings:
• Performance generated on investment made in DAFs
• Performance and Premium Fees collected on each DAF

Combines the Best Aspects of DAO and Trading Bots
So, actually what is the function of DAF and why we can expect it to bring so many good things to cryptocurrency trading? Well, to put it simply, DAF is a system that will allow trading bots to be recorded in the smart contract.

If you are not a stranger in the world of stock market trading, you definitely have felt the advantages of using trading bots. The bots are able to place sell and buy orders automatically, monitor how the market moves for you and make good actions accordingly. Unfortunately, trading bots are not common in cryptocurrency trading because it is difficult to make the transaction recorded in the smart contract. This is the main purpose of this project, it wants to be a bridge between DAO and its smart contract mechanism with trading bots.

DAF will make cryptocurrency trading simpler and easier, even for beginners. Trading bots are commonly used in traditional stock trading because it can do all the difficult work for the traders, especially in the lights of making buying and selling decision. Trading bots also can monitor the market movement and make necessary action even when the traders cannot be in front of the screen all the time. This project will become a smarter way to make investment in the cryptocurrency market since it allows trading bots involvement without compromising the safety of the transaction.

NapoleonX Team
  • Stéphane Ifrah, CEO
  • Arnaud Dartois, COO
  • Jean-Charles Dudek, CSO
  • Stefan Durpey (PhD)
  • Alexandre Coutouly
  • Rémi Hassan
  • Diane Guillemin
  • Marien Irzykiewicz
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Kun Xu
  • Jianfei Zhang
  • Jérome De Tychey, Manager at the EY Paris Lab, President of Asseth a French non-profit that promotes Ethereum
  • Stéphane Mardel, co-founder and CEO of United First Partners
  • Lucas Bouldoires, Assembling videos for different production companies, Specialized in motion design
  • Yanning Ma, Head of Investments and Financial Engineering at BNPP Epargne & Retraite Entreprises
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: NapoleonX Team or If you have any questions please feel free to email directly to contact team


  1. Fall 2017



    Asset Management status acquisition


    Release of NapoleonX Platfrom


    Launch of first 10 Napoleon Capital Indices


    Launch of first 1-3 DAFs (depending on ICO size)

Official Link
  ICO Website
  WhitepaperRead Now!

- Oct 23, 2017: NapoleonX pre-ICO has been postponed on Nov 12th - Jan 4th, 2017



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