How Aigang Network Reforms the Insurance Industry

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) may not be a rare event nowadays. With so many developers creating an incredible ecosystem for a better and safer business operation, Initial Coin Offering is used to not only attract customers, but also help fund the development of the software and said ecosystem. However, with the wide range of different invention, it becomes increasingly difficult for investors to choose ones with great future prospect and ones which are worth investing. From healthcare management, to music streaming application – the options are endless, and it is a shame that the resources are limited. Not only that, as an investor, generating profit is always on the top of the list – hence the importance of choosing the right project to invest in. A wrong decision, and it becomes none other than a charity. Instead of generating profits, it makes you lose money.
If you are one of those people whose passion is in making an investment, you will be pleased to learn that there is a new business offering that is guaranteed to help you generate extra income: the Aigang Network. Specializing in digital insurance, the company uses blockchain protocol to not only ensure the security of each of the user, but also to help make every single activity related to it faster and more cost-efficient.

The company launched its demo application a few days ago and has already attracted many attention and garnered interests. Powered by the powerful Ethereum smart contracts, the peer-to-peer digital insurance is aimed to provide users an adequate protocol for anything that is related to IoT devices – also known as Internet of Things. Those who are unaware of the importance of this technology may wonder what the big deal is, however, there is a reason why the demo application has garnered such interests in the span of a few days.
The reason in question is none other than the fact that the invention of this application is considered a signal of the birth of a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This digital battery insurance is considered a game changer in the industry, this is largely due to the full redesigned of traditional insurance marketplace that is widely considered as outdated. The traditional insurance typically takes a longer time to process and even longer time to claim a payout – the same cannot be said for this network as estimation can be based on the most recent data while the claims can be instantly paid out. To partake in the business, simply head over to its Aigang Network.

Aigang Team
  • Reda Markeviciute, INSURANCE PRODUCT & POLICY
  • Aidas Ignatavicius, CHIEF ACTUARY
  • Jonas Matkevicius, MARKETING MANAGER
  • Darius Devenas, FULL STACK DEVELOPER
  • Mindaugas Jucius, iOS DEVELOPER
  • Naglis Zemaitis, ANDROID DEVELOPER
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Aigang Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Aigang team!

Bounty Opportunity
Aigang Network will distributed approximately 0.5% of all raised ICO tokens, and it will be divided into several categories.
You can get tokens by providing help Aigang Network - translating our documents, sharing with your community, writing a blog post or review about Aigang.
Earn AIG Tokens by Supporting Aigang!
Translations - 0.05%
  1. Thread Translations - 1 Stake
    -Thread translations have to reach 5 pages before ICO.
    -No Spam
    -Updated with latest content
    -Only Start Thread if Confirmed by Jonas through email.
  2. Whitepaper Translations - 4 Stakes
    -Have to be done professionally.
    -Must have previous experience in translating white papers. (Link to Portfolio)
    -You will be contacted by Jonas, if you’re chosen.
  3. Website Translations - 2 Stakes
    -Have to be done professionally.
    -Must have previous experience translating websites (Link to Portfolio)
    -You will be contacted by Jonas, if you’re chosen.
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Media - 0.2%
  1. Blogging Minimal - 1 Stake
    -Has to be at least 400 words
    -At least one graphic (header image)
    -Link to Aigang.Network
  2. Blogging Quality Content - 3 Stakes
    -1000 words
    -At least 5 images
    -Link to Aigang.Network
  3. Written App review - 2 Stake
    -500 words
    -Screenshots from the app
    -Experience shared
    -Link to download an app from the store
  4. News Post - 2 Stakes
    -400 words
    -Link to Aigang.Network
    -Link to Whitepaper
* Minimum audience - over 5000 visitors on
* Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Ethereum or Insurance related
* Attention! Stakes multiply as the audience grow.
Media MultiplierAudience size on Similar Web
5x200001 & more
App - 0.25%
  1. Referral Program - 1 Stake
    -Invite others through an App.
    -Earn AIG to your wallet.
    -Updated with latest content
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  2. Comprehensive Review on App Store - 2 Stakes
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    -Same email has to be used fro the account and app.
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