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The Blockchain and the coins have started to the initiate the world’s shift through a trillion dollar infrastructure. Neverdie has been preparing to take a apart in this huge process by financing the multi-platform API development to support the monetized gaming infrastructure. Neverdie is Ethereum Blockchain Gaming, with a decentralized transparent democracy allowing for a symbiotic relationship between players and developers. Yes, Neverdie particularly takes a part in the gaming infrastructure to make gaming is no longer just a gaming. But it is not just gaming that Neverdie supports. There are particularly for different main activities that the members can do after officially being a part of the Neverdie’s family.

Mine makes the first appealing activity. Just like mining other virtual coins, the Neverdie offers mine fragments inside the virtual worlds like AR, VR and in other mobile apps. After you have successfully done the mining and obtained the coins, feel free to exchange the virtual treasures you have found for crypto.

Trade is the second activity. By trading, you can trade your Neverdie coins for other currencies available in the virtual worlds and in cryptocurrency exchanges. Let us tell you something. Once you bought the Neverdie coins, you can use the Neverdie wallet to start trading on Blockchain. Well, that is definitely such an ease of service. You are allowed to start investing your coins in variety of funds. All of the funds are connected to virtual world of ROCKtropia and other new worlds like the Asgard VR and AmeVRica.

Why should you make the investment anyway? Well, investing stimulates the existing virtual goods economy in ROCKtropia as the content or events development is made possible with your investment. At the same time, it also creates gamified jobs. Once the economy is stimulated, the investors including you will be given opportunity to loot the bonus items to develop the new blockchain based games.It gets even better because you can create your own Avatar to play the games and stimulate the fund growth and create the new looting opportunities as reward for yourself.

Win makes the third activity you earn by joining Neverdie. As an investor and player, you can give reward to yourself by winning the Neverdie coins through variety of sports competitions. And, there are also other events you can join. Earn is the fourth activity you can do. It particularly refers to earning the Neverdie coins as payments because you have completed the gamified jobs within the virtual worlds like in VR and apps. So, all those activities and reward sound so cool right?


  1. Token Launch

  2. ICO Completion

  3. Addition of Tokens to popular token exchanges

  4. Partnership and Acquisitions

  5. AmeVRica & AsgardVR design phase

  6. Payatar Wallet and API

  7. Teleport token game engine API

  8. NEVERDIE Coin game engine API

  9. Smart contract

  10. AmeVRica & Asgard VRDev begins

  11. Game Crowdfunding and governance smart contract

  12. Game developers funded by treasury!

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