Pillar Project - The Future of Personal Data Locker

When you heard the word ‘wallet’ as a cryptocurrency term, you definitely will think about the digital wallet that is used to store your digital coins and also do some financial transaction, such as transferring money, exchanging currency or making payment. For some cryptocoin projects, that definition of ‘wallet’ is true. But when we are talking about the digital wallet offered by the Pillar Project, wallet is way more than just a place to store digital coin.

Pillar Wallet is the next generation open source wallet that will cater to the every needs of your digital life. Instead of just being a wallet for financial transaction, Pillar Wallet is a personal data locker that will transform the way you do your activity on the internet.

So, what is exactly personal data locker and how Pillar Wallet can make our digital activity more convenient? Personal data locker is a concept that is adapted from Pull, a book about Semantic Web written by David Siegel.

The developers of Pillar Wallet understand that managing personal data in the digital realm can be very difficult. All this time, you use different accounts and applications in your smartphone for different needs, which actually will give you so much hassle. As a personal data locker, Pillar Wallet will present a highly anticipated change. Instead of accounts, you will use wallet. Furthermore to replace the apps, you will be given services. This way, you don’t have to switch from one account to another or moving from one application to the other to do different activities because Pillar Wallet will integrate the system for you.

At this point, this idea might still seem foreign, but experts have predicted that in 2030, this kind of wallet will be the mainstream model, even replacing iOS and Android. This is because in the future, people will demand more simplicity and flexibility in managing their personal data. However, people will also want to use a service they can trust. The time has proved that the public are reluctant to put too much trust on third parties to manage their personal data.

Pillar Project with its wallet and its future services will solve that problem because it is open-source and decentralized, which is stay true to the spirit of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Pillar Wallet will be a safe place for people to put their personal data, but in the same time Pillar Project also will provide a system that can help managing that data so that digital daily lives will be more convenient than ever.

Pillar Project Team
  • David Siegel, Co-founder/CEO
  • Tomer Sofinzon, MBA, Co-founder/CRO
  • Vitor Py, Co-founder/Architect
  • Yogesh Gaikwad, Co-Founder/Investors relation
Advisory Board
  • Anish Mohammed, Advisor, Architect/Infosec
  • Martin Callinan, Open Source Software Licensing
  • Efi Pylarinou, Ph.D., Advisor/Fintech
  • Doc Searls, Advisor
  • James Drake, Enterpreneur
  • Euros Evans, Advisor
  • Jack Luo, Advisor
  • Joel Smalley, Advisor
  • Kaliya Hamlin, Advisor
  • Kirt McMaster, Advisor
  • Max Pokam, Ph.D., IT&Infosec
  • Richard Titus, Advisor
  • Sasha Serafimovski, Advisor
  • Jurgen Stroo, Senior Linux and Infrastructure engineer
  • Roy Brooks, Marketing
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or submit your email to get invited Telegram to communicate with Pillar team!

Official Links
  Official Websitehttps://pillarproject.io



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