SkinCoin Provides Solution for Skin Trading Problems

In this globalization era, technology has developed to the top level. Now, the development of technology has provided so many helps for people. Besides the efficiency, technology can also overcome your problems and come to ease our life. For instance, if you like using crypto currency, there is a site – called – which you can use to ease your online transaction. Moreover, this site can be utilized by people to make a bet or to trade on the eSports events, such as on Dota 2, CS:GO, and Team Fortress 2.

What are the Skincoin?
When you play a game, there must be a currency which is used to make a transaction. With the Skincoin, you don’t have to face the complicated registration. As been described before, the skins can be used on CS:GO and Dota 2. Here, when you are going to purchase items, weapons, avatars, and battle pass events, you can utilize the skincoin. Now, more than three millions of people has wagered around $2.3 billion worth of skincoin. Because of it, the worth is predicted to grow in the next year. This can be seen by the increased number – 40 percent of 5 billion.

About the reality
This site has utilized data which show the amount of people who play CS:GO and Dota. Here, when you know the amount, you may be surprised. For example, the scale of the Dota 2 players which have been identified playing this game daily is around 860 thousands of people. On the other hand, the CS:GO players are estimated more than 470 thousands of people. Not only that, this site also shows the data from the Steam Spy which attract us to use Skincoin. It shows us that Dota 2 has been used by 99 million people.

The vision and the tips
When this site talk about the vision, they accentuate on the betting services, gaming services, online gaming stores and marketplaces. They have expected that their cryptocurrency will be used by the people for doing online transaction. Which means, it will provide as the simplicity of the online transaction. In addition, when you are going to use this cryptocurrency, you are not suggested to send funds from the exchanges like Poloniex, Coinbase, etc.

Not only that, in the Skincoin, you have to send the ETH funds from your personal Etherum Wallets. You can send it from Metamask, Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet. In addition, it is better for you to not send the funds before the fundraiser began.

Skincoin Team
  • Alexey Zakharov, Founder
  • Igor Solomatin, Co-founder, CEO
  • Alexander Kravin, Leading architect-developer (full-stack)
  • Alexey Bazlov, Developer (back-end)
  • Oleg Agaev, Developer (front-end)
  • Hasan Delic, UX/UI designer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Skincoin Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with #SKIN team!

Roadmap of Skincoin

  1. Implementation of a system that allows us to receive SKINCOIN tokens as payment as,, and

  2. Launching of the exchange platform Skincoin Exchanger (skins <=> skincoins)

  3. Implementation of SKINCOIN reception on the trading platform

  4. Implementing an API for accepting payments on third-party gaming services

  5. Launch gaming platform for betting on eSport matches with acceptance rates in SKINCOINS

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  1. Skincoin is a new cryptocurrency which allows gamers to trade skins and also bet in the eSports space. The project team believes that blockchain can optimize the emerging skin market that is valued at $7 billion. As such, the project focuses on resolving some of the main issues associated with trading and utilizing skins.

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