DENTALFIX - A Blockchain Company For Dental Clinics and The Supply Chain

From all parts of our body, teeth are those things that are often underestimated compared to other organs like heart or liver. But it is known as well, once you are suffered from toothache, your activities will not worked well also. Based on that fact, keeping your teeth good and healthy is very important. Healthy tooth can also make your appearance look more beautiful and confident. Interestingly, there is now an online site that can help you to solve your problems related to the teeth. It is known as DentalFix. DentalFix is an online company that works for the dental health. It provides the products and also the web of clinics. If you are a dentist or you probably work in the world of dental health, joining this company must be very beneficial. It is because your business can just be acknowledged by a larger number of people all around the world. In other words, it is a good start for your dental health campaign.

If this company is intended for the businessmen in the dental world, are the patients having the same chance? Isn’t there any chance to join the company as well? Sure, it is particularly if you are interested to buy the products or get the treatments. Consultation is also available if you think you have any problem related to the teeth. There are some facilities you can get if you join this company. It is including the sales or discounts for buying certain products. It is so easy to join. Besides, the methods for payment are also very various whether you want to pay them for cash or use certain systems like Bitcoins.

To know more about this company, it seems this matter must be explained more. Dentalfix is a group consists of two dental companies in which each of them must have its own specialty. The first company is focused on the manufacturing and sale. There is also the franchise for the products offered so that anybody can just enjoy them. The supplies are always available. Therefore, anytime you need to products, you can just find them as soon as possible. Another company has its own specialty. It is basically about the software development. The process of transaction is fast and the service is also very satisfying. It is clear enough why you must join DentalFix for the sake of your dental health. If you need more information, you can go to


DentalFix Team
  • Anton Borisov, CEO @iStom
  • Alexey Borisov, CO-FOUNDER @iStom
  • Denis Satyukov, HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT @iStom
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website or visit Bitcointalk Forum to communicate with DentalFix team!

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