The Concept and Operation of IMMLA

If you are someone who frequently involved in multimodal transportation, then you must know about IMMLA (International Multimodal Logistic Application). IMMLA is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. It is one of the best website worth to try since it gives decentralized online service features offered only for you.

The Concept of IMMLA
Working on the delivery services of multimodal field, this website develops a decentralized control system. It covers the transportation, payments as well as document flow. IMMLA employs two ecosystems. The first one is the action to give the possibilities of best prices, while the second one is to monitor any damages on the cargo during the transit as well as delivery process. To maintain the safety as well as the transparent of these processes, this website used GPS to monitor the cargo as well as the insurance.

Ethereum blockchain is the system used by this website to gain trustworthiness for any parties that put their beliefs on the offers from this website. By choosing this system, the risk of cheating during the delivery contract of the business will reduce. This website also claims, that by the help of high speed internet that influence the transport routes as well as the blockchain technology used, this website will give a maximum success to every people taking the offers.
The operation of IMMLA
There is some important information you should know if you are interested to use IMMLA as your business companion. First, the owner of the cargo needs to finish the registration process. It takes identification of the user to ensure that the legality of the parties who are going to use this website offerings. Second, the carrier of the freight also needs to finish the registration process as well. The freight carrier needs to introduce the cargo condition to the system. If these conditions have been fulfilled, then the parties could continue the next step.

The following process is the auction, after that the offered price will follow. If the parties already choose the price, they need to sign the contract. Only by fulfilling this process then the delivery process could be start. Through the delivery process, the parties should not be worry about the safety since this website would secure it through online tracking. It will take some times until the delivery process finished, but when it has done, there will be a documents checking process. When it is clear enough, the parties should confirm the documents to ensure that there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

  • Kirill Tulenev, Executive director
  • Vyacheslav Neunyvakin, Information director
  • Vitali Sosnowski, Developer
  • Vitaly Stepanov, Development director
  • Mikhail Astakhov, Leading analyst
  • Ninel Tufino-Gerlakas, Founder
  • Valeria Rasulova, ICO Project manager
  • Pavel Drobintsev, Technical Advisor PhD in Technical Science
  • Alexander Gromov, Logistic advisor
  • Michael Hess, Member of the Board Hellmann East Europe
  • Formag Forwarding, International Logistic Advisor/Partner
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: IMMLA Team or Telegram channel to communicate with IMMLA team!


  1. Pre-ICO

    - Team building and prototype development
    - Development pf an end-to-end business process
    - Whitepaper is completed
    - Establishing agreements with potential freighters


    - Development of smart contract scheme
    - Start of an ICO
    - Prototype of the platform is ready
    - Beginning of alpha testing

  3. - Developement of infrastructure and involvement of participants
    - Organization and equipment of workplaces
    - Until the end of 2017 the first blocks (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system are developed:
    › Registration module;
    › Module of application and auctions


    - Release of the beta version of the platform
    - Until the end of Q1 2018 the next blocks (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system are developed:
    › Module of guarantees adn additional services;
    › Tracking module

  5. - By the beginning of Q3 2018 the last blocks (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system are developed:
    › Electronic Documentation Module
    › Compliance module
    › Billing module

  6. Marketing campaign & Involvement of market participants on the platform

  7. CIS

    The company plans to expand the range of provided service and introduce the sea container transportations. The service will be available in all the CIS countries


    IMMLA will connect the railway module. The latter will make the application fully international. Customer support service will open on the newly formed key hubs

  9. CHINA

    Europe, the CIS and China markets will be fully covered

  10. ASIA

    By 2022 IMMLA will expand in Asia


    By 2023 the platform will used globally

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