AICOIN - The Advantages of the Blockchain for Investment

Through the growth of technology, nowadays we could enjoy the power of artificial intelligence by using the blockchain system. One of the website lists that use this technology is the AICOIN. If you want to know more about this website, this review will satisfy your hunger of curiosity.

The Vision and Mission of AICOIN
The vision of AICOIN is to give benefits to individual investor. AICOIN allows these people to become part of the collective. The terms collective here means the party created from the recognition, which holds the investments for other companies as well as which holds assets in high value. AICOIN beliefs, that a framework should recognize as well as respect the right of all owner included in the collective. In other words, AICOIN is the bridge between conventional trading company and DAO by not using the formal structure. While for the mission, the goal of this AICOIN Project is to enable any investors included in the website token to gain wealth. It is possible since this website used the artificial intelligence as well as the public blockchain technology.

The Strategy of AICOIN
AICOIN could visualize a stable flow of profits as well as reinvestments by using two distinct strategies. The artificial intelligence technology used by AICOIN will provide short term of gains in the trading cryptocurrencies process. As a result, the vision of AICOIN could become the most successful starting point for any investors.

AICOIN already showed its hard work since May 2016. Its first move was the beginning of the model development. On March 2017, this website began to develop the live trading. On May 2017, the peer review has done by this website. On early June 2017, this website started to have pre subscription while on the following month, the subscription started. On August 2017, the subscription will end. Therefore, if you are interested to have a subscription, you had better make a fast movement if you do not want to regret in the future. After this process finished, there will be a coin pool trading process as the following project. Even the dates is not stated yet, but the following work is certainly the appoint start up of the investment board. After that, this website will have a review of the start up then show the result to the token holder. The last project would be the vote to decide the first start up of the investment.

  • Gavin Smith, CEO, Founding Director
  • Marcie D Terman, COO, Founding Director
  • Andy Tynan, Developer
  • Lee Cooper, Developer
  • Jon Matonis, Advisor
  • Joe Belmonte, Marketing Director
  • Fran Feldman, Customer Service
  • Alex Nelson, Infrastructure & Security
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