The Ultimate Messenger For Those Who Love Memes

The term meme may have been coined by Richard Dawkins back then in 1976. At the time, he might not refer to the current internet culture, but it was close. In his bestselling book, The Selfish Game, Dawkins made a reference to a new and one-of-a-kind method on spreading an information regarding the pop culture at the time. The newly coined word was none other than “meme,” and this very word is what we are adopting now to refer to the same thing. However, we took it one step further by actually inventing a subset to this coined term and adding a more specification in which it applies to our current internet culture.

Speaking of the internet culture, this may seem like a completely made up culture that the new generation has to some people – but is it really? As it turns out, it is not. We, being able to use the internet at our disposal at this day and age, communicate through our internet-connected handheld devices almost every minute of every day. What initially restricted to letter, short text messaging and phone call have evolved into something more dynamic and fast in nature. These days not a lot of people send letter to each other, they opt for an email instead. Short text messaging service has also been replaced with chat conversation whereas the phonecall has shifted to over-the-internet VoIP call or video call.

While VoIP, Video calls and chat have become the norm these days, the Memessenger comes up with a breakthrough. Eager to replace chats and text messaging service, the developer does not come up with a new means of communication – but also comes up with a refreshing way to communicate as well. In the Memessenger, there is no such a thing as word chat. Words are not allowed, the only way you can communicate with your peers are through memes. Interesting, isn’t it? We use memes in our posts and comments all this time because we feel that they do a much better job at delivering a great response. Now with the secure Blockchain-based Memessenger we can just chat using memes and nothing else. This unique method of communicating is as interesting as it is refreshing. However, some are understandably worried about the whole experience especially due to the lackluster of words used. In that case, you will be pleased to know that the Memessenger acts like an audio visual sticker in which you can easily search for the perfect meme using your voice!

The Memessenger Team
  • Yuri Karl, CEO
  • Egor Zudin, CTO
  • Andrey Antipov, Head of Legal Service
  • Andrey Khrapov, CMO
  • Alexey Bochkarev, Head of front-end development
  • Anton Zhukov, Lead back-end developer
  • Danil Barsukov, Head of promotion team
  • Dmitry Zavarzin, Head of B2B sales
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: The Memessenger team or Join Slack channel to communicate with MET team!


  1. Concept.

  2. Development of application alpha-version.

  3. Improving content, interface, back-end of The Memessenger.

  4. The Memessenger was presented on Saint-Petersburg Start-Up Day.

  5. The Memessenger got investment from IIDF ( - one of the world's largest venture fund with acceleration program.

  6. Project acceleration in the IIDF accelerator. Hard-work under user experience, analytics, content, growth hypothesis.

  7. Project team and IIDF decided to give project a chance on ICO.

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  1. I think that each of us, to one degree or another, is a fan of memes since we all often use them on the Internet.