Do You Want to Keep Your Data? Let’s Use Fluence

Do You Want to Keep Your Data? Let’s Use Fluence
Saving and keeing data must be conducted. It is used to keep the security of data in the right system.You should use a data keeper system to maintain data safe and secure from the attack of malware or spy. You may trust Fluence for the secure data storage. Why should you choose this data storage?

What Is Fluence?
Of course, you get curious on what the fluence. Fluence is decentralized database with blockchain method ensuring the data storage in the right lace. This is the right and safe data storage safely. Fluence enables you to save query, manage, and monetizate data with encrypted and structured way. This is also saving it with the blockchain technology feature. The main purpose of this data storage system is to be the go – to database for decentralized internet application.

Fluence enables you to save and query the number of structured data. It takes a controlling role for the users with a great control to the access of data using proxy encryption technology. The owners of data can get profits because it gives access to the data. Storage market includes two elements. Those are miners and buyers. Fluence gives a chance for chance storage owners for monetization a useless disk space by saving a number of encrypted data asset. Then, the owners of data can save the number of any data in encrypted cloud.

Main Features of Fluence
When you use Fluence as the data keeper, there are some superiorities making you choose this data storage. There are some main features of this data storage.
  • Tolerance
    Tolerance is the main feature of this database system. It has a great tolerance and sensor maintenance strength. Because it has decentralized feature, Fluence guarantees optimal and maximal utime for no data regulation. This is automatically balancing the data replica to save all data correctly in online method anytime.
  • Privacy
    Divided data become some matters and then encrypted and saved in some nodes controlled by different hands. There are no ways for the others to spy the data or steal it until the data owner reveals the private key to the public.
  • Low Cost
    Benefiting unused storage used brings wider capacity to the public. This is able to reduce price for keeping the low data. Fluence gives briliant chance for owners to motivate their strength similarly to Bitcoin.
  • Access Management
    Fluence gives a flexible permission management model based on proxy re- encryption technology. This enables you to obey rules to GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and the other rules.

Fluence Team
  • Evgeny Ponomarev, CEO
  • Dmitry Kurinskiy, CTO
  • Alexander Demidko, Technical Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Fluence team or Join telegram to communicate with Fluence team!

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