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Inventing or making innovation in a certain area must make anybody feel so proud. Moreover, it is if something that you create is really beneficial for many people. In this modern day, this matter is not strange actually. A good example is if you are a college student. It is like a must if in your final paper, you are demanded to make something that is beneficial to others as the requirement of your graduation. However, there is a common mistake done by people who are creating such an important thing. It is because they commonly don’t register the patent. It makes their products can just be simply claimed by the others who don’t have any rights. Sure, it means that looking for the patent of the product created by your own efforts is very important.

Elliot Roth - Founder, Spira
Loci is helping my company reimagine our intellectual property strategy and enables us to move quickly in a fast-paced world.

Interestingly, you must not worry about this matter nowadays. There are some sites that enable you to patent your own idea in a very easy way. Of course, all you need to do is sharing what you have done to the site. If it is agreed, you can put your own name to the product you have created. Sure, being careful in choosing the place or site to patent your product and idea is not less important as well. If there is a place to be recommended, it is Loci. Loci are a site to patent something with a mission. It is to make the ideas as whole more valuable. Loci has helped many people and even companies to patent their products and ideas. The process is quite easy as well so that you must not wait it for a very long time.

Indeed, you may wonder, how can a site you find in the internet be so capable to patent something? Meanwhile, it must need process that is not taking a short time as well. You must not worry; they are many professional and competent people behind this website. The process to patent the product and idea still passes through the fair process anyway. Therefore, you must not worry about such terrible things like fraud or scam. Of course, the important thing to do is making yourself sure that the product or idea you make really deserves to be patented. If it is worthy enough, it will not take a long time for you to see them become officially yours and nobody can claim it. For more information, please visit http://locipro.com.

Joseph Andelin - Senior Associate, Fish IP Law
Loci’s InnVenn has completely changed the way I conduct searches…the tool gives me a greater degree of confidence in the relevancy of the search results.

Loci's Token Sale
Loci team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on October 1st - October 31st, 2017. Those interested in participating in the crowdsale can buy Locicoin (LOCI) with a wallet that supports usage of smart contracts like: Parity, Mist, MyEtherWallet, etc.

Loci will start with a supply of 100,000,000 LOCI, of which 30,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 6,000,000 will be distributed for marketing and operations, 49,000,000 token tokens will be reserved for Loci Foundation, 5,000,000 for Bug Bounty, 4,500,000 for Nonprofit and remaining 5,500,000 tokens will be reserved for Team.

Loci Team
  • John Wise, CEO
  • Brian Hwang, Director of Operations
  • Eric Ross, Director of Technology
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