Indorse for Fun and Rewarding Platform for Members

Have you ever heard of Indorse? Well, if you have ever thought of joining fun platform with lots of rewards, you definitely should choose Indorse. Not only it is a fun and rewarding platform but also a platform trying to give data ownership back to the members. On this platform, each content has different value that is accrued to those creating it. With the in-built integration and mechanism, it is possible for this platform to minimize any damage that is caused by the Sybil attacks.

This platform works on certain mechanism. The content contributors creating honest contents will be rewarded while the dishonest contributors creating wrong indorsement will have to be penalized. This mechanism is based on the token system and in-platform currency. Network and asset identity is owned by the members themselves. So, the crowd economy applied on this platform isn’t only about sharing assets but also about crowd sharing, profiting and owing from all of the assets that they fund, use and build. What Indorse gives is an avenue for the all the members to put up skills, contents and documents. It is up to the members whether they want to advertise any of their personal information while still having full control over the data.

On this platform, there is the important IND token which refers to principal tokens. Tokens are used to buy the services that are offered by Indorse. Only the tokens that can be used for purchase so there is no real money can be used.

To implement all the core features, the Indorse have specially selected few advanced technologies including Whisper, Swarm or IPFS and Ethereum. Indorse has this vision to build platform with decentralized and serverless architecture. The platform is filled with code and content on IPFS while the computational engine is represented by Ethereum blockchain. There are two different roles that all members can take part on the platform. The first role is claimant and the second role is moderator.

The claimant refers to members who make claims that are associated to their profiles. The claims can be personal skill or professional skill or information. It is up to members to choose what claims they make. And, it is necessary for them to attach proof’s of information for every claim they make. Meanwhile, the moderators refer to the ones verifying the claims of the claimants to see whether the claims are right of wrong. If the claims are right, it is called Proof. But if the claims are wrong, it is called Stake.
Indorse Token Sale is open August 8, 2017 until September 7, 2017 don't missed out, Join Now!



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