Blocklancer : The Age of The Freelancer

Back in the day, the traditional office 9-to-5 job might be the most acceptable norm in the workforce. However, now that the technology has become even more advanced and it provides us with endless opportunities and flexibility – new breed of employee has emerged. Not only are they willing to get the job done whenever they are possibly needed, they’re also willing to do it wherever they are needed. Widely referred to as a freelancer, they’re slowly but surely dominating the talent pool these days.

Yes, this shift in the professional world might be unheard of back in the day – but these days, with help from current technology making any type of virtual relationship and communication possible, working without having to go to the office is made possible. Not only that, in these day and age, more and more companies have also realized the fact that this type of working arrangement offers many more benefits than having to employs a bunch of traditional employees. Why would you hire employees for a department that does not actually do work day in day out? Not having to handle a project every day yet receiving monthly paycheck as well as a lot other benefits such as health insurance may benefit the employees in question – but not the company.

When the company can outsource the project and hire a professional with per project payment, it’s obvious that the company is able to significantly cut down the budget for their monthly business’ operation. While all of this seems like an incredible alternative, many companies are at a loss as to where they can find such experienced professionals. This is exactly what Blocklancer is focusing on. Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) on Ethereum, Disrupt the freelancing market, huge improvements, high trust. The blockchain-based Freelancing website comes with two options: one is intended for freelancers marketing their expertise, and the other is for corporations or individuals looking for highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
With fee as low as 3-percent per job, it is obvious that Blocklancer is much lower compared to its competitors on the market. This way as a freelancer, you can keep more money for yourself. For companies worried about being dissatisfied or being scammed, do not worry – being blockchain based, the system is incorruptible, which means no jobs can be deleted or tampered with under any circumstance. The best thing is companies only have to pay when they’re satisfied. If, during the project, you encountered a dispute, there’s an automated dispute settlement in which the decision is made by thousands of token holders to ensure fairness and justice.

Blocklancer Team
  • Michael Kaiser, CEO/CTO, founder
  • Sabrina Kaiser, COO, founder
  • Kevin Kaiser, CTO, founder
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: LNC Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Blocklancer team!


  1. - Concept Creation
    - Smart contracts
    - API & Tools
    - Start Building Up Userbase
    - Start Building Fronted
    - Financing & ICO
    - Release

  2. - Decentralize Storage (IPFS)
    - Decentralize Communication (Whisper)
    - Extending Userbase
    - Extensive Testing
    - Completely Decentralized

  3. - Base Layer
    - Real World Service

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