UTRUST - The Solution For The Paradox Of Online Payments

Do you search for a good payment platform? If so, UTRUST can be your recommendation. Nowadays, there are so many payment platforms that offer you safe payment method, but not every platform will give best service. How about UTRUST? Have you ever heard about it? You can read some reviews below to know more about UTRUST.

What is UTRUST ?
UTRUST is a payment platform that offers your safe payment method. This platform is so useful for people who develop business and join crypto currencies. Yes, a crypto currency is popular today. It is the best choice to get much money using digital media. No wonder if many people want to join crypto currencies because you don’t need to do difficult steps for joining crypto currencies. But, sometime people feel confuse to sell or buy altcoin or bitcoin because they have not found best payment platforms. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can choose UTRUST.

UTRUST is good choice for buyer and seller. Let’s we mention every benefit of UTRUST for buyer first. For buyer, UTRUST is very useful because it will minimize the risk of fraud and scams. Yes, UTRUST provides a full payment protection and also acting as a third party mediator. UTRUST will protect your purchase, starting from the time you pay until the purchase delivery.

Not only useful for buyer, UTRUST is also useful for seller. Actually, UTRUST is really useful for seller because it offers low fees and real time transaction. By using UTRUST, you can say goodbye to credit card fraud, nasty chargeback, and also hacked account payments. Not only that, you can also accept multiple cryptocurrencies, finally all payment can be converted to fiat currency. For you who don’t want to be trapped in market place fluctuations, UTRUST is recommended payment platform for you.

Payment Mechanism on UTRUST
Some of you may be curious about payment mechanism of UTRUST. Actually, the mechanism is so simple. A buyer will pay with one of major crypto currency. A buyer can also pay with a low conversion fees. After that, funds will be converted to fait currency, it is done to protect avoid market volatility that may be experienced by seller.

The next step is, UTRUST will hold funds and finally release it to seller. Finally, seller will receive fiat currency that can be withdrawal to back account. We can call UTRUST as good payment platform for you who join crypto currency.

  • Nuno Correia, CEO
  • Filipe Castro, co-founder & CIO
  • Artur Goulão, CTO
  • Roberto Machado, CPO
  • Luís Ferreira, Head of Engineering
  • Laura Esteves, Head of Operations
  • João Ferreira, Head of Design
  • Nick Olender, Head of Sales & Partners
  • Miguel Palhas, Software Engineer
  • Francisco Baila, Product Designer
  • Gabriel Poça, Software Engineer
  • Ronaldo Sousa, Software Engineer
  • Fernando Mendes, Software Engineer
  • Bruno Azevedo, Software Engineer
  • Pedro Costa, Software Engineer
  • João Justo, Software Engineer
  • Francisco Maia, Co-Founder and CEO of SafeCloud Technologies, a Swiss venture focused on privacy-preserving software solutions
  • Francisco Cruz, Researcher at INESC TEC and Co-Founder of SafeCloud Technologies based in Switzerland
  • João Paulo, Co-Founder of SafeCloud Technologies based in Switzerland and researcher at INESC TEC
  • Sérgio Viana, Enterprise Architecture, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Team Management and Marketing.
  • Marc Howland, Financial Advisor
  • David Bryan, Strategic Advisor
  • Daniel Pierce, Legal Advisor
  • Sascha Benz, Business Develop. Advisor
  • Lilian Yu, Marketing Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: UTK Team or submit your email to get invited Telegram to communicate with UTRUST team!


  1. Pre-ICO Opens

  2. ICO Opens

  3. Platform Test API for Merchants

    - Integrate with merchant checkout mechanisms
    - Test mediated chat mode

  4. Client API, Wallet Web App

    - Check your balance & transactions
    - Integration with major eCommerce platforms

  5. Native apps iOS & Android

    - 200+ Merchants
    - Live Transactions

  6. Platform Refinements & Expansion

    - 1,000+ Merchants
    - Progressive hiring of mediators

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- 07 Oct 2017: Announces ICO will start on the 2nd of November at 2PM UTC.



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