What to Know about SNOVio for Such the Great Investment Ideas

Many people are looking for the information related to the investment. That is something good for you to know about the various ideas of the options of investment. In today’s life, you may have lots of options which can be the ideas for the investment including the kind of investment with the technology of blockchain which may be a bit less complicated. If you are interested in the investment there with the technology of the blackchain, it may also be a good idea for you to find some ideas related to the investment as like SNOVio. That may be the site which can give you some references related to the proper solution of the investment which you are looking for. That allows people to invest on the tokens of SNOVio and get the investment started. However, in dealing with the investment we have to know lots of things including getting to know much about the types of the investment including for this kind of option.

If you are interested in that kind of the investment and want to know much about it, of course you have to know first about the SNOVio. That is the first thing to know about it before we have lots of things to know, That is actually the platform which is in a type of decentralized for the lead sourcing and generation. They work through the technology called blockchain. They also work with the smart contracts which may give the great benefits as well. They have lots of great experience in dealing with such the great business there. The data collection is done by using the crowdsourcing. That is applied in growing the database properly. Those are some of the important points we may need to know related to the SNOVio which may often make your feel curious.

The information related to the details of the transactions between the customers and also the contributors are also properly managed. The information will be securely yet properly stored in such the dedicated register which can give the proper security. The smart contract is also applied for any kinds of sales and also purchases. Those are the essential points which may be important to be noticed by any of you especially for you who are interested in such the various things about them. Still, to get much more information, going to their official site will help you to know much better. The site you can visit is https://ico.snov.io.

Snovio Team
  • Alexis Kratko, CEO
  • Alexander Zhadko, PM, web developer
  • Rodion Yaremenko, CTO, web developer
  • Lera Borsch, Marketing assistant
  • Yuri Gatchenko, Web developer
  • Yuri Arendar, Web developer
  • Julia Zubok, Marketing and customer care
  • Mila Postol, Marketing
  • Daria Shevcenko, CMO
  • Roman Fisenko, Web Designer
  • Paul Shuteyev, Marketing Ninja
  • Natalie Valerieva, Digital Marketing Expert
  • Alexey Girin, Founder of Starta Capital fund, venture capitalist
  • Kairat Kaliyev, Founder of Cross Coin, which successfully conducted Starta’s ICO and attracted $5 million
  • Alexander Borodich, Founder of fifth largest in Europe crowd-investing platform VentureClub.co, founder of Russian cryptocurrency and investor in more than 70 projects
More detailed about Snovio Team Members descriptions please check out: Team or Join Telegram to communicate with SNOV team!

  1. Project Launch

    Snovio platform and Chrome Extension for contact searching

  2. Verifying and Updating Data

    Launching email address verification function

  3. SNOVio ICO

    Launch token sales

  4. Launch Proprietary Mailing List Module

    Sending triggered email series on updates to contacts within the platform

    Blockchain Technology Launch

  5. Present New Website-Technology-Identifying Functionality

  6. New Level

    Database growth to 1,000,000 profiles

  7. Ten-fold Growth!

    Growing the lead database to 10,000,000 contacts

    Keeping our fingers on the pulse!

    Function of notifications on updates in the purchased profiles

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