ProofSuite : Decentralized Certainty for Investments

If you are looking about the best website offering cryptocurrencies properties, the answer might be Proof Suite. Proof Suite is  decentralized certainty for investments, its will enable you to make your own tokens based on a blockchain technology. Not only that, this website also works well if you want to trade it or even buy form the other. If you want to know more about them, you can check reading below.

When you visit the home page of this website, you will see that this website give some screenshots about their proof dashboard, proof docs as well as proof API. What are they? The proof dashboard contains the marketplace that you can use as the place in buying or selling your assets. The proof docs depict the type of document used in the agreements. This website claims that all the documents are incontrovertible, safe and decentralized. The proof API gives a slight glance that it is a kind of developer tool. Consumers could use it to incorporate the blockchain with the existing applications.

To assure the consumers, Proof Suite ensures that the blockchain technology is tamper-proof. It is because the ownership transferred by using consensus as well as decentralization process. Moreover, the first time consumers upload a file to decentralized blockchain, there will no vulnerability that occur. The only one who can reconstruct the file is the one who have the authorization of uploading the file. This website also enables the users to have wide audience.

The other superiority of Proof Suite is that the users do not need to waste their time to process their funds in a bank account. Users also allowed shifting their assets to their wallet because this website offers a great portability feature. You also have the full authority to set your account into the private one. By activating this feture the identification of your trades will be a list of number and letter only.

Proof Suite is the best solution for you who want to run business online. It provides you the best service on website for e- commerce. So, what will you get from this service? There are many benefits that you can find from Proof Suite. Here are some features that are presented by Proof Suite.
  • Assurance
    First of all, let’s talk about the block chain system used in this service. This block chain technology ensures the ownership’s tamper proof records. So, it will be transferred through distributed consensus and also decentralization.
  • Security
    The security system of this service is very great. After you uploaded the files to the decentralized block chain, the vulnerabilities’ single point is non- existence. As a result, the pieces can be reassembled only by your authorization.
  • P2P System
    What is P2P? It means peer to peer system. In this system, exchange mishaps and brokerage fees will become a new thing. It can happen if there is no reliance of the third party that can administer and managed the fees.
  • Access
    This access gives you the option in order to list your block chain publicly. You can list it by using the backed assets on the Proof Suite. Besides that, you will be able gaining access to the liquidity providers’ wider audience. So, you can go seeking for the new opportunities.
  • Settlement
    The block chain of this service will provide you the transaction as its settlement. For your information, the funds are like the liquid in the account of the trade. You don’t need to wait the time only to process your bank account.
  • Portability
    The Proof will help you managing your assets on the block chain. In other hand, you will not be tied to Proof platform. You will be able to move your own assets to your wallet all the time.
  • Privacy
    You can get the option to set your transactions and account on private level. As a result, your trade identification will be on the letter and number list. It is very flexible service for you.
  • Convenience
    This service will help you to gain the access to liquidity in decentralized system. So, you will not find any trustless fashion on your business. In other hand, you will be able to get the easier way to run your online business. Finally, those are all some benefits that you can get from Proof Suite.

The Proof Suite could offer the previous incredible offer because of the work from a great team. Tai Kersten and Mike De’shazer are two of many people who gave their best effort in the position of CTO and CEO. While on the CIO and COO chair, David Vanisacker and Joseph Yoo are two brilliant men who pour their hard work on every process. On the other hand, the position of VP, Consumer Acquisition is keeping stable by the help of Jason Holmes. Tobias Disse is the one who is responsible in the strategies used by the team. The Community Outreach director handled by Alex Chong while the quality control handled by Luke Watson. Each of Amir Hasmi and Alex Lee is responsible for Europe Biz Development and VP, Intellectual Property.

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