Reasons Why You must Advertise in BitClave

Making people more aware of your product and service is not something that can be easily done. It takes a lot of efforts, time, and money. As a business owner, you will need to spend large amount of money to promote your products and services. And yet, your promotions and advertisements are not always successful in increasing brand awareness or sales. In consequence, you lose your money for nothing.

There are several things that can cause this failure. One of them is because online and offline ads are not always delivered at the right people. As a result, your ads don’t get enough attention from internet users and offline media users. In most cases, you will ask to pay expensive advertising cost for this ineffective promotion. It is because there are several middlemen you must pay. For online promotion, you will need to pay certain parties in order to get sufficient number of viewers. If you are on budget, you had better forget this conventional advertising strategy. It is time for you to consider BitClave.

Reasons to use Bitclave for Promoting Your Business
BitClave is a decentralized ecosystem platform, this is the next generation of data privacy. With this platform, you can promote your services and products in a more effective way. It is different from the conventional system. Promoting your offers in this ecosystem will allow you to connect directly to the right people. When you use this platform, your ads will be delivered to consumers who are looking for the products and service you offer. It is because consumers willingly join the service. And they choose the service they want to get. As a result, you will be able to control who can see your ads. And it leads to more sales and brand awareness.
In this ecosystem, you don’t need to pay for any middlemen. You have more control on the promotion you make. This surely gives you several advantages. One of them is that it allows you to save your advertising budget. With this ecosystem, you can promote your products and services in more affordable price. With the omission of middlemen, your business data will be more secured. It is widely known that large companies that act as middlemen often sell business data to brokers. This ecosystem will surely free you data security concerns.

BitClave is not only advantages for business practitioners. It also offers benefits for consumers. They will get commission for viewing the ads. Moreover, it allows them to get the products and services they need easily.



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