BitBoost for Safe Transaction

BitBoost is experiencing new developments, this platform has been using The Block. This is a trading platform with a centralized system that can reduce the cost of expensive in the traditional trade. The platform also becomes secure because it is supported with encryption and privacy. The platform is built from Ethereal using smart contracts. You don't need a bank account or personal information to use this platform. You also do not need a message between the seller and the buyer. This indicates that the block may occur on thousands of computers around the world. This system makes the platform can survive from attacks that occur on offline sites.

You don't need to turn on your computer online because this platform is equipped with an open bazaar. This platform will store all the items needed by everyone. You will not experience any failure, the BitBoost provides goods at low prices. You can buy these items starting from the price of 1 USD. You will also not be asked to pay other fees when purchasing the item. This trade is done with an anonymous system. It also creates challenges because there are many people who don't believe in other uses. This issue will be resolved with the escrow service. This is a guarantee of this company. The buyer must send the payment to the escrow system. This payment will be forwarded to the seller when the item is already in the buyer's hands. This system can be used by all service providers so that you can become an escrow agent.

Another feature of BitBoost is the seller will get the rankings. The rating is derived from the seller's reputation after the transaction. Buyers will avoid fraud. Buyers can block users who cheat and reward traders who make transactions fairly. Block will be provided as an application for all major platforms that consist of Linux, Mac, and Windows. These features consist of themes, searches, and more. You can mark the items and the seller you want. The app can also provide privacy settings.

You can set your privacy to your liking. This platform has a built-in wallet. This is the original currency earned from Ethereal. Purchases will be made directly from the wallet. Your earnings will go directly to this wallet. You can filter users with suspicious stuff. This filter is sure to meet your needs. The filter can remove illegal items that are not allowed in your country. You do not need to involve a third party to do the transaction. This application has a transparent system so as to have a smart contract. This contract will help all users to build trust.



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