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There is a sentence in the Bible where it states "In the beginning was the word...". Yes, this saying is not something nonsense for sure. Words can mean the world and you must not be able to communicate well without the right words. In this modern era, all people tend to be literate for sure. However, not all of them are able to chain the words properly. Particularly in term of written words, writing is something that is not easy to do. It is not only about sharing what on your minds are. It is also about how those words become more meaningful and even beautiful to read. Be thankful if you are skillful enough in writing. In fact, many people may need your help for this.

However, how if you are the ones who need any help from the writers? It is not something to worry about right now. It is due to the presence of Wordcoin. It is a place where you can find the services of writing including content writing, SMM and SERM services, and also translations. There are teams hired in this online company that are definitely professional and experienced for years. You probably have various needs in term of words. You may need to write the content of your blogs and websites. Meanwhile, you probably have a problem in academic writing. Another thing that is quite difficult to solve is about translating from one language to another. Sure, there is Google Translate. However, in some cases, this service cannot translate the text with feeling just like human being. For those things, the best thing you can do is using a service. Wordcoin will be very helpful at those times since the services given are indeed ultimate and very good.

There are some steps how Wordcoin works. First of all, you may order the creation; it can be in the form of topic of articles along with the requirements as well as a text to translate. Then, the job will be given to a copywriter and if he or she agrees, the writer will do this job for you. Next, there is another team consisted of proof readers anyway. One of them will check the result of article and translation quality. Editing can be needed at this point. Then, it ends. Meanwhile, now there are some other steps offered. One of the steps is when the writer is also asked to directly post the articles in the websites. For further information, you can see at

Wordcoin Team
  • Pavel Burtsev, Founder and CEO
  • Dariya Niyazova, PR manager
  • Dimitry Kotov, Co-Founder
  • Vlad Belousov, Web Designer
  • Andrey Ustinov, Programmer
  • Andrew Golyanov, Multi-Language Translations Provider
  • Sergey Vorobin, Hardware architector
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Wordcoin Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with #WORD team!


  1. Idea

  2. Successful Launch of analog project in Russian Market (without blockchain tech.)

  3. Crowdfunding

  4. Start WE platform and ORM websites, tests

  5. Final WE launch

  6. Global PR campaign for attracting users in platform and entering to cryptoexchanges

  7. WE developing and adding new services into platform

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