VuePay : The Decentralized Distributed Platform

Looking for the great sites which can also be the helpful ideas in various things, as like in getting lots of benefits for the business can be such a good thing. Of course many of you have tried lots of things in dealing with it. When dealing with any kinds of business or your effort in earning money, surely anyone is looking for the strategies and even solution for getting the great way in making such the great improvement. That can be done in various ways and nowadays there are lots of options which can be obtained in dealing with the great improvement. It is including by finding some sources which can be really suitable in dealing with your need. There are lots of sites which will be effectively inspiring for any of you. One of the ideas which may be totally great for you is VuePay. You can have a look to that site and perhaps you may get such the great overview about them and then you can determine whether they are great for your need or not.

If you are really curious about Vue Pay, it is good to get some overview as well about them here since we are going to discuss a bit here. That is the site of the platform of peer to peer. They are based on the technology of Etherum. That works in which the advertisers target the preferences which are based on the potential customers. That is including the demographic variable which is also necessary. They are going to be notified by the setting of the matching advertiser to users on platform. Then, the users will get the reward for seeing the ads. There are so many users who are added there to the platform so that the prediction and improvement of the process of ad targeting are based on the learning of machine.

The concept, which is applied there, is completely that brilliant that will be great with its great transparency. That is including they are going to provide the transparency for the advertiser who are watching the ads. That also pays the users with the cost per view of the ads which are placed on platform which can give such the great benefit. They will also get the notifications when the ads are totally matched to the criteria. Those are such the great features or information which may help us getting some overviews. To know much better, people can visit

VuePay Team
  • Saurabh, Co-Founder
  • Rohit, Co-Founder
  • Rotimi, Data Chief
  • Sanjay, Ethereum/ Blockchain Evangelist
  • Balazs, Chief Data Scientist
  • Abhijeet, Ethereum & ML Architect
  • Nitin, Chief Consultant
  • Arijit, Chief Legal Consultant
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Vuepay Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with #VUP team!


  1. VuePay idea validation in multiple forums

  2. - Pre-sale announcement
    - Whitepaper released
    - Token Contract finalized and tested

  3. Start VuePay token sale

  4. - End of VuePay token sale
    - VuePay token can now be trade on exchanges

  5. VuePay contracts finalized and released

  6. VuePay Portal and App build

  7. - VuePay backend release with global
    - Ethereum network testing

  8. VuePay app is released

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