A Revolutionary Currency for Global Trading in the Future

Can you imagine that someday you can buy anything with something called Bitcoins? This is a revolutionary currency in the future. Bitcoins makes trading activity faster and easier. Unlike traditional currency, this modern currency is believed to be better trading exchange tool. It beats inflation well and even you can watch the value grows. In the future, you can buy something online and you don’t have to transfer anything except your bitcoins. It is not only can be used by people but also companies. Bitcoins is a good solution to buy big commodities such as coffee, gold, oil, manufactures, gas and many more to trade faster. This modern currency will be used as the global currency. Seeing this great opportunity, Globitex is ready with Bitcoins. Globitex is an institutional grade Bitcoin exchange, with unrivalled API capabilities for direct market access.

Even, this company is offering you who want to be a Bitcoins trader. The trading will be done in three different stages. The first stage is known as spot FX and REPO stage. In this stage, Globitex ICO hopes that they can sell around 10.000.000 up to 50.000.000 GBX. It is not stopped there this company is trying to improve their goal to make Bitcoins as a new international trading currency. That’s why they also continue the program into the second stage or known as money market and derivatives stage. In this stage, they want to sell more up to 150.000.000.

Globitex ICO is trying to show that GBX is also a good payment system for bigger commodities. To achieve this goal, this company is developed their third stage. This is the stage where the GBX will be delivered to big commodities or companies. From this stage, it hopes that there will be more GBX sold. It will be great if they can sell up to 500.000.000 GBX. The bigger amount of GBX can be sold, the wider people who believe Bitcoins as a great trading tool. To accommodate buyers and traders, this company is using those three stages above to achieve the goal which has been set out in the white paper.

For those who want to know the detail of this business, you may download the white paper by visiting the official website. Learn it carefully and take this great opportunity. Interestingly, Globitex ICO is offering interesting deals. The buyers will get discount up to 15% according to the token they buy. You will be served by the expert team and they have enough experience and prediction related to the use of Bitcoins globally. There are three schedules which have been done. Today, you can get more complete information about Globitex because it has been launched.

Globitex has high commitment in developing and sharing this business from the beta version up to the launch of Bitcoin cash, trading, deposit, and withdrawals. The rest of the process is on going. It is planned that this company will create partnership with electric money institutions and their sales in 2017. In 2018, they will spread their services and any kind of improvement related to Bitcoins, crypto currency, and many more.

Globitex Team
  • Jon Matonis, Chairman
  • Liza Aizupiete, Managing Director
  • Arvis Ermins, Director and Head of Compliance
  • Maris Kaneps, Director and Head of IT
  • Uldis Teraudkalns, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Viesturs Tamuzs, Board Member
  • Andris Kaneps, Board Member
  • Mark O’Byrne, Bullion Dealer and Gold Market Analyst
  • Carlos Blanco, Risk Analytics and Financial Modelling Expert
  • Pierre Roberge, IT Security Expert
  • Mikko Ohtamaa, Technology Advisor
  • Ransu Salovaara, Token Sales Strategist
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Globitex Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GBX team!


Quick Links
  Official Website https://www.globitexico.com
  Blog https://medium.com/@globitex
  Twitter https://twitter.com/globitex_
  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/globitex
     Telegram https://t.me/globitex
  YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNy-8TmvXd7VlfIY9s5Cshg
  Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Globitex
  Whitepaper Download!
  Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2257519.0

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