Earth Token : The Natural Asset Platform for Better Future

Earth Token is a decentralized block-based Natural Asset Exchange with digital currency through Earth Token (EARTH). Earth Token enables people in the capital value chain to explore some (new and unpopular) market segments that may not be well utilized. Participants or people joining EARTH will also be able to create offerings tailored to market segments, expand markets and gain financial benefits.

Introduction to Earth Token
Earth Token is built on an etheruem-based platform. By using blockchain technology then every user will avoid cheating because we know alongside the positive benefits of blockhain is very transparent, automatic and safe. Each transaction result is displayed on a single page containing information related to asset transfer.

Earth Token created by impactChoice Ltd. impactChoice Ltd is a company with head office in Mauritius; an island in Indian Ocean. This may sound strange and unbelievable, but believe me, the company is a real deal with serious business. There are many names in the field of blockchain and tokens, but EARTH is, perhaps the only, name that has a great concern for the environment.
As a provider of innovative environmental conservation solutions since 2009, Earth Token is well aware of the great value of platforms that offer new ways of environmental conservation and investment. Earth Token has offered various solutions that can create and increase the demand for natural assets.

Benefits of Earth Token
Earth Token will try to create a better way to manage the natural resources that exist on earth. Blockchain and token-based platforms connect producers and buyers of natural assets. The Earth Token will eliminate cheating and double counting. impactChoice imagines the exchange of natural commodities with blockchain will give advantages, among others; minimum transaction volume; reduce transaction costs; and will take place quickly.

The project would like to conceptualize, develop and launch the Global Emissions Trading scheme by forming exhibition teams, conferences and special events, developing an annual global participation calendar and implementing it. In addition, the project envisions the commercialization of natural fuels. Here are some of the benefits of EARTH.
  • Enable clients to address climate change adaptation, and create different values that help them build brand equity & improve the market.
  • Allows clients to identify and share environmental impacts and mitigation actions on specific activities related to product delivery or service delivery.
  • Allow clients to engage their customers in their business distribute the burden and opportunity to take responsibility for the environment with everyone who wants to participate, expand their reach and increase the impact of efforts across their entire value chain area.

Initial Coin Offering(ICO)
Earth Token team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds on Nov 24th, 2017.
This is where it gets interesting, just a few days ago the Earth Token project announced its ICO which will be run for 21 days. And before the ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale
* pre-ICO: Friday, November 17, 2017 (12:00 GMT)
* Main ICO: Friday, November 24, 2017 (12:00 GMT)
EARTH tokens are manufactured according to ERC20 standards, and will be traded in general.

With the following early bird bonuses structure:
- pre-ICO : 5,200 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (30% Bonus)
- 1st week : 4,800 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (20% Bonus)
- 2nd week : 4,400 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (10% Bonus)
- 3th week : 4,000 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH (no bonusses)

- The ICO with a multi-sig address 2 of 3
- You will be able to participate using BTC and ETH.
- Don't send from exchanges or other wallet which you don't own the private key.
- If that amount is not reached the funds will be returned.

The only trusted source of information related to this Token Sale will be the official Earth Token website (
No other information source will carry official information!

Earth Token Team
  • Angus Rowe - Co-founder, Chairman
  • Leonard Harley - Co-founder, Managing Director, IT Director
  • Peter Newell - Operations Director, Acting Financial Director
  • Allan Saunders - Marketing Director, Product Development Director
  • Dennis Stone, CEO - DMMB GROUP (Pty) Ltd
  • Jason Berry, Strategic Business Architect and Founder at uBuntel
  • Wes Carlson, Founder at mybitcoin Mauritius
  • Carrington Phillip, Chief Executive at Moya Telcom
  • Joeri Pross, Motion graphics designer
  • Maurice Crespi, Managing Partner at Schindlers
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: EarthToken Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EARTH team!

Official Link
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