CarTaxi : The First Towing Service on Blockchain Platform

There is nothing new about car towing service, but as our technology becomes even more advanced, there are bound to be a few adjustments down the line. Said adjustments may come in the form of the method and equipment used, or the service itself. CarTaxi is the prime example of adjustments in both service and method, and let me tell you what I think about this invention: it’s glorious.

Before I start on how revolutionary CarTaxi is, let me talk about the ever changing worldwide trend. Decades ago, not everyone had cars. It existed but it was not used as often and massively as it is now. As the day went by, this trend slowly but surely progressed and more and more people are now owning and using cars as their preferred transportation means
With this rapid growth of car ownership, the car market sees a significant progress and high demand. However, it is worth noting that the car market is not the only market that sees a sudden jump in demands. The car towing services, an industry worth 26-billion dollars also sees the positive impact of such growth.

The logic behind it is quite simple to say the least. With the rise in car ownership, the risks that come with it also rises as a result. Perhaps due to improper maintenance, unexpected road condition that leaves you with gnarly tires, or perhaps you had a collision. Regardless of the underlying problems and reasons that leave you needing a reliable car towing service, the importance of this service is crystal clear.

However, if there is one thing that has yet to change since the beginning of time, it is the fact that this market has yet to be revolutionized in terms of service. Car towing service companies still run their business manually just as how it has always been. With the modern technology that we have now, it is just about time that one business entity comes forward with a more effective, better, and modern platform.

This is where CarTaxi fits in. Unlike its competitors which are still stuck in their conventional ways, CarTaxi is a solution that aims to fill the demands for towing services by automating the entire process using the latest blockchain technology. Not only is the whole process made easier for customers, but it is also made faster and more secure. For payment, you may use CTX tokens. Interested in investing? Head over to to get started.

CarTaxi Team
  • Taras Semenov, СЕО
  • Alexey Tayanchin, CIO
  • Gala Kovaleva, CFO
  • Vihtori Mallat, Blockchain Developer
  • Nazarov Egor, Lead Java Developer
  • Renata Aripova, Project Manager
  • Nicholas Amoako, Frontend Developer
  • Vivien Andzuana, QA engineer
  • Japheth Zoogah, International сommunity coordinator
  • Prince Ntim, International сommunity coordinator
  • Yingyi Wu, International сommunity coordinator
  • Zachary Moller, Legal adviser
  • Rajesh Arora, Founder of special-purpose vehicles rental group of companies in India.
  • Sergei Pushkin, Hyundai motor manufacturing rus, quality senior specialist.
  • Olesya Milutina, Head of legal advising department, LLC Delovye Linii Group.
  • Vladimir Pravdivyy, CEO, Sputnik (
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: CarTaxi Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #CTX team!

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