TerraMiner, The Unique and Effective Mining Farm Service

As we all probably know, Bitcoin mining has become increasingly more difficult compared to how it was back in the day. Taking into account the level of difficulty in the process of finding those precious BTC blocks that we have to face now, I find it appropriate to find a way to ensure mining success.
Yes, the level of difficulty is not a laughing matter. It is so difficult to the point that it has become much easier for us to just speculate on the BTC currency than for us to attempt mining with our consumer-grade hardware. While our plug-and-play hardwares could work incredibly well in the past, the same thing cannot be applied to our situation now given the current difficulties.

So the question remains: “is there really a way to mine BTC now that the situation has changed?” While the present day seems bleak, you would be surprised to find that the answer to the aforementioned question is of a more positive tone. Not only is there still a great future in BTC mining, there is also a ways to make sure that we won’t fall into a pit where we hit a plateau given the condition.
In the middle of my confusion, I find Cointerra. What is that, you ask? If you still have to ask that question, then chances are you are either a new player or you have been living under a rock. Cointerra first announced its TerraMiner IV in 2013. Using its 2TH/s BTC hash computing system at roughly 3-dollars per GH/s, it quickly became one of the most efficient method to mine Bitcoin.

If it worked incredibly well in the past, could it possibly be the answer to our difficult Bitcoin mining situation in this day and age? The answer is, yes. But before you interrupt with your opinion about how their system might be outdated for today’s use, let me set the record straight: the company has been getting ready to launch its new TerraMiner.

Introduced as an excellent mining farm for every serious miner out there, TerraMiner is a unique mining service because you are allowed to purchase it. That way you will not end up with a mining hardware of which you rent its power to operate, but rather completely own the hardware. With hardware power of 1Mh/s with starting price of about 2.8-dollar on its building stage. Join the rest of 278 investors now and get yourself a 40-percent discount for each token you purchase now!

TerraMiner Team
  • Pavel Kuznecov, Founder/CEO
  • Ruslan Sharamet, Software Engineer
  • Igor Koyda, Main hardware programmer
  • Stanislav Shamenko, IT specialist, programmer
  • Ivan Melikhov, Marketing communications
  • Denis Novakovskiy, Chief of marketing
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: TerraMiner Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #TRM team!


  1. Internal financing

  2. Pre-ICO

  3. ICO with 40% Discount


  5. Running of the second batch

  6. Running of the third batch

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