The Role of SmartOne System on Legal Token

Crypto currency will be launched soon. Definitely, you need to prepare it especially to welcome fully digital era. SmartOne is designed for block chain based enterprises which need to deal with legal sector. It works by giving legal services for the crypto community. In this case, the ownership will have legal token. The complete information will be informed on the special event known as Token Generating Event or TGE. This event will be held on 30th October 2017. There are several important services offered by SmartOne. Those are including preparing a marketplace for legal advice, preparing document automatically, and individual legal consultation service. SmartOne is a community, designed and built by a team of legal and technical experts based in and around Zug, Switzerland, birthplace of some of the world’s first crypto ​currencies, ​like ​Ether, ​and ​now ​known ​as ​Crypto ​Valley. They concern on how to give legal solution especially for enterprises related to the use of token.

In fact, by using a new technology, all enterprises have to be ready with automatic document preparation and contract especially for financial and capital markets. This is also including for those who are included on crypto community. SmartOne is trying to help this type of community by focusing on research and development, publish more reputable and trusted articles, and direct discussion with the regulators. SmartOne is supported by expert team so they know what to do to develop this idea and how it works for all parties who are included. In short, SmartOne is trying to help give more benefits for the marketplace, easiness especially on automatic and digitalization legal process, and also legal consulting from the expert especially related to the implementation and analysis of TGE. This project was launched since August 2017 and it has been developed significantly. Hopefully in the end of 2017 there will be more legal products such as tax advice, regulation and compliance, and property protection.

Of course, SmartOne project is not stopped there. There will be several programs related to the development of this project. At least, there are 4 main programs in 2018. Those are including automatic KYC, open source and crowd funding platform, automation process related to legal document and contract especially for the financial and capital markets, and also creating classification and rating model for the token. Even, they have more plans in 2019. The main plan is to extend the marketplace to consumers to use their legal app.

The main goal is of course to give a brilliant solution concerning to the financial service industry and crypto banking. The idea is how to help crypto community to grow better in the future along with better and easy to use system. This system is relay on the legal token. Through strong membership, this system works well so all enterprises or everyone who connected to this system can get more access on legal service, anti money laundering requirement, and know your customer process. All those benefits can be achieved by applying block chain technology. For the complete information about SmartOne and how this system will helps you, just visit their official website Just learn everything you need there and start to think to use this great system to support your future digital activities.

SmartOne Team
  • Prof. Thomas Fischer, Foundation Council President
  • Klaus D. Stark, Foundation Council
  • Patrick Salm, Foundation Council
  • Reto Stiffler, Foundation Council
  • Christoph Küng, Legal Business Dev. Lead
  • Christian Kläy, Law and Regulation Lead
  • Marco Oesch, Technical Lead
  • Mario Colombo, Technical Marketing Lead
  • Luke Szkudlarek, Digital Strategy Lead
  • David Fariña, Design, Web & Application Development
  • Samuel Dionne, Communications Officer
  • Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas, Research & Education Advisor
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Heusler, Risk & Financial Institutions Advisor
  • Toni Caradonna, Smart Contract Expert & Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: SmartOne Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LEGAL team!


  1. Legal community platform launch

  2. Opening of Crypto legaltech lab in Zug

  3. Legal solution of TGEs available on our marketplace and automation platform (e.g. whitepaper analysis, howey test)

  4. Additional legal products (e.g. tax advice, regulation & compliance, property protection)

  5. KYC Automation

  6. Open source crowdfunding platform

  7. Automation of processes, legal documents and contracts for the financial and capital markets

  8. Classification and rating model of token

  9. Extend the marketplace to consumers with our legal app

  10. Legal solutions for the financial services industry, crypto banking

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