GES – ICO in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market for Refurbished Consumer Electronics

Galaxy eSolutions Limited (GES) is an emergent Global Cross-border E-commerce business that is in line to become the Market Leader in the industry of Refurbished, pre-owned Consumer electronics. The company is set to launch their Pre-sale for ICO on 17th November 2017, which will include three bonus sale periods starting from 30% in the first period.

Go to the ICO page for more information on bonuses and to join pre-sale.
GES will operate as an open source ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. The GES token will serve as a utility to be used on the Galaxy eSolutions online marketplaces. Using the blockchain technology for operating in global markets, to make fast, simple and secure e-commerce transactions.
Founded 2016 in Hong Kong, the international trading hub, the e-commerce marketplace has captured the quick smartphone adopting global markets in 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Positioning themselves as a Green company in the refurbished consumer electronics market, GES has big plans for the small electronics industry.

Yuen Wong, the founder of GES and CEO, has a strong entrepreneurial mind to set his vision on global markets and to actually conduct an ICO.
GES is a distinct venture, as the whole business is a process of sourcing, refurbishing, quality control, and global distribution, which gives more control for high-quality products, international growth and better customer service worldwide. The company provides high-quality products that are good as brand new, but at lower retail prices.

The vision of becoming the global market leader in this industry is due to the high demand and potential to grow within the market. As the product with most sales, smartphones, specifically iPhones are the most popular refurbished electronics people purchase. Nowadays, household members each have at least 1 phone, or the person with most income have 2-3 phones as a way to separate work and personal life, thus increases the demand. Also, in recent years there seems to be no age limit for having a smartphone. Generating revenue of more than $20 million after just 9 months of operating, GES has potential to grow and capture the market as the leader.

Galaxy eSolutions Team
  • Yuen Wong, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Joe Chan, CTO
  • Erik Hohmann, CMO
  • Chris Wong, COO
  • Simon Choi, Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer
  • Pranav Burnwal, Region Head at Blockchain Education Network & Senior Application Developer
  • Brennan Bennett, Blockchain Technology Consultant
  • Abdulaziz Aljouf, Founder & CEO at Paytabs
  • Jordan Miller, Founder at Paradigm Agency
  • Dr John Wong, Executive Vice Chairman at Executives' Global Network
  • Neil Thomas, CEO & Founder at Muzaara
  • Stanley Lee, The President at E-Commerce Association of Hong Kong
  • Ken Wong, GM at Continental Global Service Ltd & Executive Officer at E-commerce Association of Hong Kong
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Galaxy eSolutions Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GES team!

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