Smartlands : Opening Up Agricultural Sector to Crypto Investors

In the modern era where technology plays an increasingly important role in various industries, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that the agricultural sector has now also taken center stage. But I have to admit that I was surprised to find out that the modernization in this sector also involves the latest Blockchain-based technology.

A startup basically found a way to implement the technology into the agricultural sector and turned it into a sector than can be profitable to people from all walk of life. As we all know, when it comes to profit in this industry, large businesses always dominate and eventually trump small businesses and individuals. That very fact alone got my attention. “How do they manage to do so?” and “what do they do to make it happen?” are among the reasons I had in mind initially.

Smartlands Platform is a crucial element of the token market infrastructure and performs the major part of tokenization of agricultural assets in the most efficient and transparent way, creating significant value for the crypto community. The fact that Smartlands platform swoops in to put the latest technology to a good use shouldn’t be a surprise however. Financial and real estate sectors have joined the ranks with other sectors and industries to incorporate blockchain-based technology to their business dealings – so it is about time that the agricultural sector is given the break it deserves.

Taras Basistyk-Gaptar, founders of Smartlands platform is aware of the fact that the lands and the trees are categorized in a long term asset that generally safe to invest in. This is all due to the fact the prices very rarely go down, and even if there is a negative trend, the price is only a subject to minor fluctuation – and that is also only in such a short term that it won’t greatly affect the asset. With this in mind, Smartland platform opts to create tokens using agricultural assets to back it up – which is also known as Asset-backed Tokens.

Asset-backed tokens or ABT have previously used in finance and real estate industries, and it is found that they indeed significantly minimize risks involved. But that isn’t the only thing that makes it enticing, in Smartlands platform, this asset tokenization isn’t only considered more secure, but also considered more profitable. All thanks to the expected returns that can be likened to investment in business’ equity. Coupled with Smartlands’ high technological IT solutions and modern approaches, achieving the maximum transparency and optimization of efficiency is no longer a wishful thinking.

This agrotechnological company is capable of creating and providing a unique and profitable yet safe ecosystem for investors. With their partners, Smartlands serves as one of the most efficient business accelerator. Smartlands created a blockchain based ERC20 compliant token that is impressively backed with each of the asset. For its first project, the Smartlands platform will release an asset of 50 hectares are of walnut garden filled with more than 5 thousands walnut trees.

By opening the market of agricultural sector, Smartlands also opens the door of opportunities to cryptocurrency investors to make their contribution into the development of agroindustrial complex that is sustainable in the long run. The presale took place last September, but if you think you are too late to the party, don’t fret. You still have enough time to join the main token sale from November 2nd to November 15th to purchase the SmartLands Tokens ( SLT )

SmartLands Team
  • Taras Basistyk-Gaptar, Co-founder and Managing Partner of agricultural operations
  • Victor Yermak, Chief Technical Advisor
  • Dmytro Ruzhytskyi, Business Development
  • Andrey Sevryukov, Agtech
  • Boris Besolyuk, Chief Agronomist
  • Daniel Arevalo, Lead Developer
  • Karina Lapina, Marketing
  • Aditya Dev Sood, Indian Blockchain Market
  • Shadi Paterson, Growth Advisor
  • Dmitry Kroshka, Head of Ukrsadprom Association
  • Leonid Prodanyuk, Agrobiology
  • Daniel Leston, Development advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: SmartLands Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #SLT team!


  1. Completion of ICO procedures, raising of investment for platform development, distribution of SLT's.

  2. Tokenization of fruit, berry and nut orchards in Central and Eastern Europe by performing of ABT ICOs of companies.

  3. - Tokenization of all kind of agriculture assets related to arable farming in key markets (Europe, South-East Asia, South America).
    - Launch of Smartlands Index Token.

  4. - Implementation of API to obtain data from Agriculture companies issuing ABTs.
    - Introduction of ABT ICOs for funds and group of assets.

  5. Tokenization of all kind of agriculture assets including animal farming all over the world.

  6. Further development of the platform to provide service in related industries: food processing, infrastructure for agriculture industry (logistics and storage), real estate.

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