Signing Digital Business Contract with Jincor

Jincor platform was found by Vagan Abelian and Vladislav Kirichenko. Jincor not only secures communications and secures crypto currency transactions; it also has the functionality to provide business contract signing, digital profiles and digital identification in one platform. Jincor has also taken part with their Jincor platform project which will allow businesses to work with smart contracts and crypto currency as payment, requiring no understanding of blockchain, legit, and cost-effective technologies. The notion of decentralizing the financial system refers to the idea of creating a platform in the field of decentralized law. This is done because this kind of decentralization is very difficult to do in the "real world".

The Most Reliable System
The contract is valid as soon as both parties sign the contract (with electronic signature). This electronic contract works with certain systems in order to work automatically. This system allows processing of code that will be used to access the contract. In addition, all contracts must be explained mathematically and have a clear execution logic. This is the reason why Jincor's contract involves only some elements (parties) only. Given that the code on the contract has full access to the contracted object, Jincor optimizes the execution of the contract in order to accommodate the needs of each party and does not harm those parties.

The smart contract on Jincor serves as a self-execute code on the blockchain that will allow applying the terms of agreement between the parties. Of course, this is very useful to remove transactions between the two. Smart contracts make it possible to sign an agreement that automatically cannot be solved with predefined terms.

Facilities That Users Can Get
Then what can users do in Jincor platform? As mentioned above, Jincor platform will try to become a global financial platform, and allow individuals or companies to start a company or a crypto based deal. With decentralized applications backed by smart contracts, the platform will provide multiple applications, such as regular payments, partner programs, signing contracts, and controlling the company whenever and wherever unhindered.

To complete the feature, Jincor will also use the Arbitrage system. Arbitration will be useful if the execution of the contract is not clear enough, and minimize the occurrence of problems between contracting parties. The arbitration system will enable participants to resolve disputes that may arise during the execution of the contract.

In the Jincor platform, there is also a decentralized application module that makes it possible to create companies and crypto wallet facilities. Crypto wallet is a personal account. Just like a bank account, a crypto wallet is a medium for performing digital financial transactions. It functions the same as a bank account in general. Jincor claims that they have a crypto wallet with the best security with more features.

Another decentralized application module within the Jincor platform is the E-document module. The e-document module here is a decentralized app that exists in Jincor messenger. This application allows users to store send and also sign almost any type of electronic document on

Jincor Team
  • Vladislav Kirichenko, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Vagan Abelyan, COO & Co-Founder
  • Andrey Degtyaruk, CTO
  • Anastasia Balashova, CMO
  • George Paliani, International Ambassador
  • Aidar Ibatullin, Frontend Developer
  • Artem Pikulin, Backend Engineer
  • Alexandr Sedelnikov, Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Alexandr Isaev, Frontend Engineer
  • Alexandr Shaikhanov, Backend Engineer
  • Khasan Erkenov, Design Director
  • Alexandra Samuilkina, PR Manager
  • Anton Atsekhovskyy, Digital Marketing
  • Anton Lysakov, Community Manager
  • Vlad Belousov, Community Manager
  • Marcus Killick OBE, Jurisdiction Adviser
  • Simon Cocking, Media & Global Partnerships Advisor
  • Stanislav Kolesnichenko, Legal Advisor
  • Tomas Kärner, Legal Advisor

For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Jincor Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #JCR team!


  1. Performing closed beta testing, launching on ICO campaign

  2. Issuing JCR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

  3. Public beta launch

  4. - Invoicing & billing system implementattion
    - Channel partner program launch

  5. - Finishing up the crowdfunding campaign and distributing JCR tokens among supporters
    - Listing on exchange platforms

  6. - 2,000+ business customers
    - Rolling out mobile apps for iOS and Android

  7. - Getting to the global market, localization
    - Adding enterprise app integrations, digital verification of companies

  8. Enterprise digital signatures integration

  9. 3,000+ business customers. Enterprise multisig wallets, blockchain asset transactions, B2E (Business-to-Employee) payment, etc

  10. Enterprise smart contract, decentralized arbitration system, blockchain-based corporate management, stock issuance and shareholders transaction, devidend payments

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