AKAIITO to Offer Optimization for Market Capitalization

Cryptocurrency may be the latest digital phenomenon in the recent years. Specifically designed as an asset intended to function as a means for exchange in the cryptography world. The cryptocurrency is created to control additional unit creation, confirm transfer of numerous activities, and also to guarantee business. Powered by Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency uses decentralized control system that goes against the grain of the traditional banking system.

Created in 2009, the first cryptocurrency to be introduced to the public was Bitcoin. Since this initial introduction, cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously and alternative cryptocurrency, referred to as Altcoins, have been created over the years.

Understanding The Technology
Ethereum smart conract technology is a computer protocol with a wide range of digital purposes. Some of the aforementioned purposes are to facilitte, enforce, and verify performance or negotiation of a specific contract. Not only does it allow and support transaction without the need of third party backups. The technology also ensures that every transaction made in the platform are irreversible and fully trackable. The purpose is to provide the highest level of security that is superior to traditional contract law.

This technology is the fact that it eliminates transaction cost and greatly reduces other costs associated with such activity. The rise of cryptocurrency perfectly fits the demands of the new digital era. Unfortunately, the change-resistant traditional banking system and lack of understanding on the technology makes it ineffective. Those who have been involved in cryptocurrency rarely use their fund due to these difficulties.

Aware of the situation, AKAIITO specificailly designed a unique platform to bridge the difference. Not only aims to connect the digital platform with traditional market, the platform also connects people across the globe. Offering an incredible solution to the problem, AKAIITO allows cryptocurrency user to use their crypto fund in the real world. Using their platform, now users can easily use their fund for numerous payment such as online shopping, rent an apartment, and even to buy house and cars!

AKAIITO’s Market Capitalization
The platform does not only offer convenience and full integration of cryptocurrency to traditional currency system. It also offers a superior market capitalization efforts. With market capitalization that is consistently growing, digital assets are capable of reaching rates as high as it is now. However, its efficiency has always been questioned. With AKAIITO, this is set to change. When it comes to market capitalization, AKAIITO provides services as listed in the following section:
  • Every user is offered the opportunity to create their own personal account and equips it with seller cabinet for product exposure.
  • Users are allowed to sell any unit with retail selling of as much as 10 AIC.
  • Those who wish to sell items priced above 10 AIC may do so after they improve their ratings. To do so, they must obtain positive review on each of closed deals and confirmed purchases. Each review must get scores of at least 7 out of 10.
  • Those who obtain five positive scores of at least 7 points are given the opportunity to sell more expensive goods with an increment of 5 AIC to the standard price.
For more information on the ICO and how the platform works, please visit https://akaiito.io.

  • Sergey Brek, Founder
  • Katja Krolova, CEO
  • Denis Kanavin, Co-Founder
  • Vladislav Garbuzenko, Lead Developer
  • Serhii Yelchenko, Developer
  • Aleksandr Rakutin, Developer
  • Zahar Deina, Developer
  • Ksenia Deina, SMM
  • Dmitriy Polozkov, SMM
  • Eduard Shultzik, SMM
  • Andrei Tšerednik, Lawyer
  • Muhammad Netto, Support
  • Tamara Bazylko, Developer
  • Alexandr Karmyzov, SMM
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: AKAIITO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #AIC team!


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