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The Blockchain system has more and more enthusiasts nowadays. This system is considered being safer and more trusted compared with the traditional one commonly supported by the third party. Yes, if you have any bank account, the term traditional third party must be familiar enough for you. The third party of this system is of course the bank as it becomes the medium for any transaction you do. Meanwhile, with the Blockchain system, the transaction is done peer-to-peer. Then, the data are recorded and kept in all the computers integrated in one system. Despite its safety and practicality, Blockchain has many other benefits. One of them is that it is more environmentally friendly. How can it be? At least, KWHcoin has realized that.

What is KWHCoin?
This is basically a community that really cares of the continuity of good environment and ecosystem around. How it works is that it is backed by the clean and renewable energy. That’s why; Cryptocurrency becomes the most important point here. As anything is done virtually, it keeps our environment clean and healthy. The less usage of paper as the material for making money is considered as a great solution. Sure, this community has realized that this attempt cannot still fully be done. In fact, our world indeed still needs the real physical money. Therefore, KWHCoin lets you to join. As it is improved well, it is believed that the world will be better in the future.

How does KWHCoin work?
When talking about the products transacted by this community, it is all about the renewable energy sources. KWHCoin also provides a certain platform that enables all people all around the world to buy it more simply and easily. Therefore, it can just improve their lives also. More than that, the use of Blockchain method makes it clear that this community really put so many efforts for the better environment. It is so sad to see what happens outside when the environement is getting worse for human actions. So, it is really a good time to repair all of them.

What are the benefits of joining KWHCoin?
As it has been explained above, it is clear that the establishment of KWHCoin has several missions. First, it is to help others to find renewable energy sources more easily. Second, it is to improve the quality of environment since the method applied is safe and healthy enough. Sure, those are not the only benefits. Here is the third. The cost offered is quite low. Again, this community has done many efforts to lower the cost for each transaction of energy. The implementation of Blockchain is one of them and you can just feel how the product is not only much cheaper but the process is also faster and more effective.

KWHCoin is not nonsense. In the future, such a community will be really needed. Again, the main reason is for the continuity of our generation as well as to make this earth a better place. So, for more information, you can go to

KWHCoin Team
  • Girard Newkirk, CEO, Founder
  • Ryan Troyer, Chief Operating Officer, Blockchain Advisor
  • Tony Tiyou, Advisor, Renewable Energy Expert
  • Michael Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Gareth Dauley, Advisor, Network Partner
  • Eric Rynne, Development and Design
  • Brian Colwell, Advisor, Digital Marketing
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: KWH Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KWH team!


  1. - Concept Origination
    - Network, team and advisor building
    - Whitepaper, concept validation & website development

  2. Pre-ICO

  3. - Marketing, Human Resources development
    - Exchange listing request

  4. - KWHcoin Network Effect & Algorithm Development documents published
    - ICO: Unit sell out

  5. Software & Data Science team build out

  6. Renewable Energy Portfolio Optimization

  7. - KWH blockchain accounting DAPP alpha
    - KWH Energy Forwarding interface Alpha

  8. KWHcoin Energy Portfolio Launch

  9. Machine Learning Algorithm VV&A

  10. - Token swap: erc20 → bts UIA
    - DAPP and EF Interface beta

  11. Marketing to continue network effect

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