BananaCoin Offering Decentralized Platform for Banana Production Industry

With its focus set on the banana production industry, the Bananacoin Project offers a unique crypto investment. It’s established by a group of professionals in the field of banana production experience. Their more than 3-years of experience in the banana production industry undoubtedly has prepared them for the task at hand.

The Bananacoin Project aims to modify the relationships between the business front and export front in general. By modifying this aspect, both banana production and banana delivery process are adequately covered. The project initiators understand the importance of production and delivery, for that reason initiators turn to Blockchain’s decentralization concept. With this latest technology, the project aims expansion process that goes far beyond the framework of traditional partnership.

What is BananaCoin ICO?
Bananacoin ICO has its focus on the banana production, expansion, and delivery. Tied with its Ethereum based token, the token is pegged at the international export price of each kilogram of bananas. This unique concept may seem extremely bizarre in the beginning. However, the fact that there is a method and technology that support the project undeniably makes its premise an enticing one.

By creating integrated processes through economic implemenetation, project initiators come up with short-term and long-term development strategies.Focusing on export relations with and combining with the infamous TGE Crowdfunding model, Bananacoin Project gives opportunity to backers to invest. By investing in their banana plantation expansion, backers also automatically become token holders. The tokens can later be exchanged for equal amount of Lady Finger bananas or monetary compensation.

The project is also equipped with modern technologies which are also environmentally friendly. Making it possible for those wanting to exchange with goods to get the best quality Lady Finger bananas. Regardless of your decision to go for monetary compensation or good, your investment is guaranteed to be highly profitable.

The goal of this platform, as its core, is to expand the size of its Bananacoin plantation to 1,000 hectares. To compare, its current plantation situated in the Vientiane province, is at about 100 hectares. Bananacoin focuses on "Lady Finger" bananas, said to be one of the most profitable banana varieties, the international export price increases 10-percent of each kilogram. Who would have thought that banana would have made a great investment?

Understanding the Bananacoin Tokens
Are you still weighing the pros and cons? Here we will be talking about the numerous advantages the BCO coins have to offer. First is, undoubtedly, the fact that the BCO is an Ethereum-based token makes it flexible as it can stored in any Ethereum wallet. Bananacoins are not only incredibly functional, but also one of the most incredible and highly tradable assets.

Tied to the international export price for each kilogram, Lady Fingers bananas provide token owners with excellent profit share. The team of experts behind the Bananacoin Project have been in the industry for so long. With Russian entrepreneurs leading the team, the initial process has been undeway. Wth its pre-sale coin offering, the total of Bananacoin tokens sold at the time was one-million tokens. Further cemented the quality of the projects. If you are interested in taking part of its ongoing private sale, visit

Bananacoin Team
  • Oleg Dobrovolsky, co-founder
  • Alexander Bychkov, co-founder
  • Eugene Khashin, CTO
  • Anna Guncheva, Marketing Executive
  • Nicola Kardashov, Community Manager
  • Mr. Prasan Sangsatjatham, Lead Agronomist
  • Alexander Magomedov, Agro-Industrial Business
  • Dmitry Mazutov, Representative in China
  • Peter Peng, Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Bananacoin Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BCO team!


  1. Cooperation with Chinese specialist an a leased plantation

  2. Getting started in our own plantation

  3. First harvest

  4. 1st stage Pre-Sale

  5. 2nd stage Private sale

  6. 3rd stage TGE

  7. 4Rd stage Ground preparation

  8. 5th stage Growing bananas on a new platation

  9. 6th stage Token

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