ODEM as the First Ever Education Platform on the Blockchain

As one of the most well-known global sectors, education and its market sure is considered ripe for technological disruption. In this particular sector, we know how fast the pace at which higher learning is evolving in the recent years. Not only is the global demand of higher education on the rise, the middle class expansion from Asian and African countries shows progression.

However, despite its incredibly rich marketing opportunities, students seem to unable to connect with the educational landscape. The fact that these days, students who would like to be able to invest in higher education seem to face some hurdles. Not only the ones who would like to invest, students who would like to experience better quality learning also find challenges.

Such roadblocks come in a myriad of form. Some of the prominent ones are undoubtedly the rising tuition costs, high student debt, and different layers of bureaucracy or intermediaries. These roadblocks create a massive gap between the number of students,as well as quality education. ODEM, the first blockchain based education platform, is now offering a way to fill the aforementioed gap.

What is ODEM?
ODEM, also known as the On Demand Education Marketplace, offers incredibly comprehensive educational platform. This one-of-a-kind platform is specifically built to cater to students, educators and also service providers. With the existence of this platform, ODEM provides every single participant in the education industry to participate in direct, real-time, and completely decentralized marketplace.

Not only does this platform empowers participants to start their search, learn about each of the offered educational products before selecting and purchasing. Other than that, ODEM also allows users to create a customized education experiences, request, and even negotiate education experiences both online and in-person. Unlike many of its competitors, ODEM keeps its focus in real-time service, and in-person education programs.

Understanding How The Platform Works
ODEM plaform is specifically designed to accommodate the delivery of courses and other accompanying services. Some of the aforementioned services include accommodating students when traveling to a particular location. All of the onsite experiences are undoubtedly educational in nature. In addition to the company’s multi dimensional platform, ODEM has also developed a few off-chain management capabilities.

As result, it allows the education platform to accommodate various participants, cost, scheduling and many more. Some may wonder about how the platform manages to do it. In general sense of the word, the platform makes it easy for students and courses’ educators to connect. What’s more, it is safe for students wanting to purchase courses, and also safe for educators selling customized training course.

To use the platform, users must log in and select the type of service they would like to purchase. Purchase history will be automatically stored on the Blockchain platform. Whereas prior activities before the purchase are automatically handled by its off-chain platform. By combining ODEM’s artifical intelligence capabilities and Blockchain’s transparency, the program generator is able to identify the appropriate subset.

To be able to use the platform and benefit from many of its incredible features, take part in its ICO. Visit https://odem.io for more infomation.

  • Richard Maaghul, CEO
  • Bill Bayrd, COO
  • Michael Zargham, Chief Systems Engineer
  • Adel Elmessiry, Chief Technology Mentor
  • Gustavo Guimarães, Lead Ethereum and Smart Contract Architect
  • Kirsten Montgomery, Director of Finance and Resources
  • Ken Finch, Director of Global Sales
  • Asad Zaman, Director of Sales Pakistan
  • Bowen Gao, Sales - Emerging Market
  • Kris Yagel, Program Director and Designer
  • Sergio Diaz, Software Developer
  • Jose Castellanos, Software Developer
  • Gazy Mahomar, Software Systems Architect
  • Steve Jarding, Harvard University Faculty, Education and Leadership Curriculum Advisor
  • Ingo Fiedler, Hamburg University, Blockchain and Economic Advisor
  • Sven Beiker, Stanford GSB Faculty, Technology Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: ODEM Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ODEM team!


  1. Launch pre-token sale for funding ODEM model

  2. Open token sale. Begin ALPHA content and provider listing fo rBETA testing

  3. Close token sale

  4. Launch ODEM 1.0 BETA

  5. ODEM 1.0 live

  6. Launch ODEM 2.0 BETA

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