KickCity To Offer The First Blockchain Value Social Community Platform

KickCity is the first platform built on the Blockchain that connects people all over the world through appealing reward-based communities. The platform, like many others, envisions a future where majority of people are utilizing Blockchain. Operating on the basis of what is going to happen in the future, KickCity notices the need for communities of like minded people and a platform to facilitate exchanges. The exchanges include exchange of value and information, where it happens simultaneously.

Understanding How KickCity Works
On paper, this concept can easily be understood by many. But when it comes to understanding how the concept will play out in real life, we seem to have a problem. To have better understanding on how this concept will be realized in the near future, perhaps a use-case will help. In a more straightforward and simple term, KickCity aims to build a better version of Facebook on the Blockchain.

Facebook, being a platform that offers a place for communities to interact with each other has a solid concept. However, KickCity sees rooms of improvement and things to refine. KickCity’s platform will not only offer a place for Blockchain-value communities to interact. But also provides them with a place to exchange value and information. Not only that, KickCity will also offer the opportunity for them to be rewarded for their contribution.

This project is undoubtedly attractive for so many reasons. Being built on Blockchain means that the platform will be much more secure and transparent. Unlike Facebook with its centralized system, on KickCity, everything is stored in the Blockchain. No one can use them to their advantage, let alone control or alter them. Another thing that makes it attractive is, without a doubt, its unique reward system.

KickCity Developmental Stages
In order to make this concept into reality, KickCity divides the development plan into three major stages. The first stage has been 70-percent completed and is said to have been generating revenue. The other two major stages can be seen in the following section.
Community-based event platform on Blockchain
The company uses events as an entry point into the many buildings on their Blockchain community. By focusing on these Blockchain events, KickCity aims to accelerate the growth of its value community. The event platform used by KickCity will then be used for numerous decentralized and transparent peer to peer event marketing. To attend the event, user must purchase a ticket as they would when attending an event in real life. Fiat currencies, Bitcoins and other ERC20 tokens are accepted as method of payment.

Value Communities
As a synthesis of Slack and Facebook on Blockchain, KickCity will also allow development of a specific platform intended for the communities. The goal is for community and chat creators to be rewarded for their content contribution. This undoubtedly changes the game as all this time, content creators on social media platform are not compensated. With KickCity, they will be able to get compensation from content users in the form of tokens.
A concept of social media platform with a combination of ticket purchasing and event promotion platform, KickCity sure offers countless excitement. Visit now to for further information on how to get involved.

KickCity Team
  • Gideon Nweze (Gibson), CEO & Founder
  • Brylan Chinonso, Co-Founder
  • Artem Shatilov, CMO & Product
  • Danil Kolikov, Lead Developer
  • Leonid Startsev, Service Developer
  • Eugene Rashchupkin, Front-End Developer
  • Aleksandra Bashkova, Community Manager
  • Maria Sarukhanova, PR Officer
  • Valeria Rudaya, Digital Designer
  • Don-Zheni Ekoebve, Ambassador in Nordic Countries
  • Tosan Arueyingho, Business Development
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: KickCity Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #KCY team!


  1. KickCity App Initial Release

  2. KickCity Event Platform + Initial Revenue

  3. Blockchain Development and KickCity Protocols

  4. KickCity Protocol Demo and Use Cases

  5. Crowdsale "TGE" March 1st

  6. KickCity Web Private Beta with p2p protocol on TestNet. Lock in first stage of partnerships and collaborations with major festivals and few public figures (U.S only)

  7. KickCity Web Public Beta goes live. KickCity App (iOS and Android) with p2p protocol launches on TestNet

  8. More partnerships Collaborations with key events in other parts of the world. KickCity Web and App fully live with p2p protocols on MainNet

  9. White label protocols launched

  10. Extensive outreach to pop culture community and event organizers and attendees. Mainstream Marketing and branding fully commences

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