AMCHART - The First Electronic Health Management and Wearables on Blockchain

AMCHART is the first electronic health record management system to be built on Blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts. Having ended its successful token presale on the 15th February last month, public animosity shows the importance of its project. This patient driven Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform is built on a hybrid Blockchain technology. Combining the technology with Artificial Intelligence as its analytics, AMCHART focuses on better patient outcomes using its incentive-driven model.

Aiming to provide better and more organized health record maintenance, AMSYS AMCHART also aims to provide better wellness program incentives, and population health data. On top of that, the team also focuses on refining data sharing between partners in the health industry. The goal is to create a specific system intended for medical records that is not only transparent and immutable, but also convenient and accurate. On top of that, the system must also provide more efficient data sharing option..

Understanding How AMCHART Works
Built on unique hybrid public/private Blockchain technology, the platform uses a combination of Hyperledger Sawtooth framework and Ethereum-based smart contracts. Directly running the consensus on Intel SGX Chips, the consensus security it’s based on provides extra security and increased transaction times.
To understand how the platform works, we must understand that there are three phases in which they will be rolled out. The first phase of its platform has been occurred January this year. See the following list to learn all of its three phases.
  • Phase 1
    This phase is referred to as the initial minimum viable product of the AMSYS AMCHART platform. Abbreviated as the MVP, this phase grants both patients and providers full-access to the platform. During this phase, patients are able to create their own medical records. The company, also setting its focus on wearables, will start developing wearables and mobile applications for health data monitoring.
    This wearable will help real-time patient monitor their heart rate, heart health, blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and many more. All data stored during this phase will then be utilized to initiate wellness programs and the appropriate incentives.
  • Phase 2
    The AMSYS AMCHART project during the second phase will include further data collection. Other than data collection, this phase will also focus on the additional layering of Artificial Intelligence or machine learning. This step will be done in conjunction with history records and proper diagnostic to proactively manage issues surrounding health. The aforementioned history records involve medical history, patients’ social life, activity and even family.
  • Phase 3
    This phase will occur right when the wellness programs have been fully activated by AMCHART. It’s worth noting that the programs will only be considered as fully activated based on the number of application usage and patient’s health real-time monitoring.

Its token pre-sale might have ended last month, but that does not necessarily mean you are late. Those who are interested in benefiting from its impressive platform may take part in its main Initial Coin Offering. Scheduled to take place from the 1st until 30th April, 2018, the AMC tokes will go for sale at 1-US dollar.

Amchart Token team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds on Nov 15th, 2017. And before the ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale
* pre-ICO: November 15th 2017 - March 15th 2018
* Main ICO: April 1st – April 30th 2018

AMCHART will start with a supply of 120,000,000 Amchart tokens (AMC), of which 60,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the pre-ICO, 55,000,000 will be reserved for Main ICO, and remaining 5,000,000 tokens to be retained by AMCHART for incentives, bounties, and bonus.

- The AMC ICO will used
- You will be able to participate using BTC, ETH, NEO and LTC.
- Don't send from exchanges or other wallet which you don't own the private key.
- If that amount is not reached the funds will be returned

The only trusted source of information related to this Token Sale will be the official AMC Token website (
No other information source will carry official information!
Reach out to us to learn more and how you can be part of AMCHART during the
token sale or as a patient or provider in the AMCHART ecosystem

  • Chokha Palayamkottai, CTO
  • Dennis Adams, Process Development/Governance
  • Andrew Casas, Healthcare COO – UT Physicians Group
  • Chen-Hung (JIM) HSIEH, Accounting
  • Saqib Dhanani, Compliance
  • Raheel Retiwalla, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Rajnish Prasad, Development CEO – Healthtiers
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Amchart Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #AMC team!


  1. Initial of AMCHART Project

  2. Initial Whitepaper and Pre-sale

  3. MVP implementation and testing

  4. End of pre-sale

  5. Start of public token sale

  6. End of public token sale

  7. Wellness app with real-time monitoring of health in conjuction with medical record

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