LendingBlock to Offer a Game-changing P2P Crypto Marketplace

Lendingblock may not be the first peer-to-peer crypto marketplace intended fo lenders and borrowers. However, it has become increasingly popular over the years. When launched, Lendingblock is predicted to be available as mobile application to ensure users’ convenience and ease of use. Users are given the opportunity to either take or make a fully collateralized crypto-to-crypto loans. Providing loans in just a few minutes, Lendingblock is also made available to use on desktop.

How Does Lendingblock Work?
When asked about the primary goal of this platform, Lendingblock quickly noted that there had been issues surrounding digital asset ownership. Yes, back in the day, it seems like lenders had to face numerous issue. This, however, is about to change with Lendingblock. The primary goal of this particular platform is to give lenders the opportunity to earn returns on their own digital assets. Not only that, it also ensures lenders the ability to earn returns without scarificing their ownership’s benefits.

Lendingblock is a platform that works on matching lenders with registered borrowers. The platform automatically matches lenders with their list of borrowers by matching both parties’ landing needs. Borrowers are able to borrow any featured digital asset that they need. Upon sending a request for loan, should be able to specify the interest rates they would like to offer.

Benefits and Importance
Borrowers pay must be able to pay off the loan once reaching the end of the pre-set term. That is when the collateral is returned to borrowers and the repayment distributed to lenders. Lendingblock has the abiltiy to connect more than one lender in order to provide borrowers with a single loan. So it should not always be single person-to-person transactions. Below is a list of advantages offered by the platform:
  • Lendingblock offers incredible value for transfer
    Users are given the opportunity to collateralize assets across multiple different blockchain platforms. Other than that, they also accept any digital assets on their existing protocols.
  • Options to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies
    As users, you are given the opportunity to make money by either collateralizing your assets or lending your cryptocurency. For borrowers, this means they will get the fund they need, whereas the lenders get to receive interests on their own holdings.
  • Ability to track portfolios and payments
    With their simple yet incredibly intuitive tools, users are able to monitor payments through the use of application, API and wallet integration. Not only that it also gives you the ability to track your loan portfolio which will be useful in the long run.

Features of Lendingblock
First, Lendingblock offers users both the convenience of mobile platforms and also dedicated desktop. Both lenders and borrowers have a separate yet simpler platform to accommodate their retail customers. Another feature that is worth noting is the fact that there wallet integration feature. Not only that, Lendingblock actively integrates different wallet providers into the platform to ensure easy transfer. Other than these, the platform’s scalability and security becomes the highlights of their incredible features.

To get early access to the platform and learn more about the marketplace, visit http://lendingblock.com.

Lendingblock Team
  • Steve Swain, CO-FOUNDER & CEO
  • Linda Wang, CO-FOUNDER & COO
  • Alberto Sonnino, BLOCKCHAIN ADVISOR
  • Andrew Mullinger, ADVISOR
  • Kingsley Advani, ADVISOR
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Lendingblock Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LND team!

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