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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Altcoins seems great for being the exchange tools all around the world. Yes, forget particular real currencies only available in certain countries only. Along with the development of internet technology, any transaction can just be done globally using them. Interestingly, not only is it more flexible for shopping or buying things, it seems you have to utilize Cryptocurrency in smarter ways. One of them is by using it as the objects of trading and investments. So, how is it?

Of course, first of all, you must join a platform of Cryptocurrency site that enables you to do any financing activities like trading and investments. It is indeed quite difficult particularly crimes like fraud are quite common nowadays. Meanwhile, there are numerous sites outside there that offer you such facilities without you may know whether they are valid or not. for this matter, it is hen recommended for you to use XchangeRate. It is a kind of Cryptocurrency platform with simple requirements, easy access, and many great features. It is even more interesting since consultations and discussions are available here to support you to be more successful later. Here are then some features available in Xchange Rate.
  • Data Gathering
    There is a feature available in this platform that enables the users to gain information. The information is particularly those related to the comprising indicators using API Plug-ins. This feature is surely essential. In fact, the data are important to know some matters like the money velocity, fluctuation, and issues outside that may change the value of currency. This way, the profit can just be obtained; if it is not today, there will be bigger chances in the future.
  • Analytical Skills
    Some features also support this matter. The data that have been gathered above must be processed and analyzed. Then the results and conclusions taken should be the base of your making of decision. It is often stated that joining any investment program may let you acknowledge the current issues like by watching the news programs as much as possible. Of course, if you already have skills to predict what is happened the next, your activities should not be that boring. It is so interesting since XchangeRate is able to give you such facilities anyway.
  • Decision
    This is the most important matter. As it has been mentioned above, it is generated from the conclusion made from the data analysis. The problem is that you must make right decision to avoid terrible things like being lost and others. Well, since Xchange Rate also helps to make right decision, it must be easier for you.
  • Consistency
    Lastly, you are required to be consistent, whatever the decision you make finally. When you want to change your method, it is better to repeat all the process for the optimum results. Again, Xchange Rate offers you features and methods for the execution; how to make it done well as well as the investors can just do it more consistently.

It is clear that Xchange Rate is more than a platform. It even gives you some ways to make your investment done more successfully even for the beginners. So, to gain more information, be sure to visit https://tokensale.xchangerate.io.

XchangeRate Team
  • Binal Patel, Chief Technical Officer
  • Peter Moradeyo, Chief Software Architect
  • Tasha Sokolova, Chief Content Developer
  • Bojana Milosevic, Product Manager
  • Oren Todoros, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mika Nakamura, Japan Marketing Manager
  • Lidor Beck, Japan Marketing
  • Nathan Van de Ven, Community Manager
  • Artem Galtsev, Team Leader/Scrum Master
  • Lu Anzhi, Team Leader
  • Eldin Heric, Mobile App Developer
  • Ashwin Mangale, Back-End Developer
  • Radu Balaban, Front-End Developer
  • Shaojiang Cai, Front-End Developer
  • Martin Vrkljan, PHP Back-End Developer
  • Martin Panevski, Senior PHP Developer
  • Damir Seremt, PHP Back-End Developer
  • Guillermo Torrigino, UX Designer
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: XchangeRate Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #XRR team!


  1. Project Idea Conceived

  2. CMB Dvelopment (Coin Monitor Board)

  3. - CMB 1.0 Release
    - CMB 2.0 Release

  4. Full Automation of XchangeRate Roobot with PRR and FR, Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with SI

  5. Pre-sale (with bonus), Crowdsale (with bonus), Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with RSI and MACD

  6. XRR token emission on Ethereum Blockchain starts, XRR token to be processed as Utility Token for subscribers

  7. CMB 3.0 Release

  8. Stage Development of XchangeRate Platform for Market Derivatives and Instruments

  9. ExchangeRate Platform Universal Edition
    (Advanced Technical Analysis, Machine learning for Market Derivatives and Instruments)

  10. Deploy Hybrid Exchange

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