Interactive Platform for Auction and Freelance Hiring by BIDIUM

If you are looking for revolutionized crypto-exchanged powered freelance hiring and auction, Bidium is definitely the right option. Bidium offers the best services in decentralized cryptocurrency exchange combining Freelance Hiring and Advance Auction power using the Blockchain technology. Buyers can take benefit from Bidium as marketplace to purchase the cryptocurrency. In the meantime, employers can use Bidium as freelance platform to hire freelancers.

What the Bidium platform has to offer is effective freelance platform and adequate exchange solution with interactive interface as back up so users can have delightful experiences every time. All the Bidium token holders will receive revenue that is stored in particular Bidium wallet. What makes it better is that 50% revenue is generated from the trading with the help of the fast trading technique and advanced platform facilities. All users don’t have to pay for any transaction fee whether they sell, purchase, hire and trade on this advanced BIDIUM platform.

Differences of BIDIUM Platform
So, what makes the BIDIUM different? Well, there are many features and advantages the BIDIUM has to offer. At the very least, there are six advanced differences from BIDIUM.
  • Decentralization
    In the first place, BIDIUM is offering itself as fully decentralized exchange that utilizes the advanced application of blockchain. What the decentralization gives as advantage is that it enables network use on the peer to peer basis. In other words, each copy of data will be had by each individual users using this Freelance and Auction platform.
  • Secure Wallet
    The last but not least advantage from Bidium is the secure wallet for all the users to use to store their cryptocurrency.
  • Peer to Peer Payment
    Another great advantage from BIDIUM is the peer to peer payment. With integrated mobile wallet used by BIDIUM, the customers can easily receive and send of payments anytime. This particular feature shows how easy it will be to transfer various funds for goods and services payments in big marketplace. Every time the payment is made, it is done in improved and secured manner that doesn’t require any possessing or document of bank account.
  • Functionality
    When it comes to functionality, it means that the customers can choose their own preferred time in cryptocurrency marketplace to do the transactions. If the customers need cash, they can sell the cryptoccurency to the community market without any obstacles. Moreover, they can also use the BIDIUM token to pay for services and goods by transferring the tokens to other parties.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    The BIDIUM token doesn’t only minimize time but also offers a cost effective option. This is a better option than other payment services requiring huge transaction fees and large procedures. In other words, the customers will only have to pay small amount of charge or even no charge at all.
  • Immediate Payment
    All customers are welcomed to enjoy the seamless exercise with immediate payment. This particular platform allows money transfer anytime using the regulated aid of smart contracts. The regulated procedures will be give great aids.

Bidium Team
  • Nausheen Ahmad, CEO
  • Garima Singh, CTO
  • John Shipmen, Blockchain Developer
  • Ashish Sharma, Lead Developer
  • Walo Boni, Developer
  • Ammar Luqman Siddique, Social Media Manage
  • Vladimir Nikitin, Head of Advisory Board
  • Nikolay Shkilev, Advisor
  • Luis Brecci, Legal Advisor
  • Anna Shkilyova, Marketing Advisor
  • Erickvand Tampilang, Bounty Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Bidium Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #BIDM team!


  1. Research on Market Opportunities - Global Analysis

  2. Initian Research Completed Concept Finalized

  3. Designing of User Interface for "Bidding Marketplace" and "Freelance" Platform

  4. Whitepaper Public Announcement and Pre-sale Kick off

  5. MVP Launched

  6. - Launching Alpha Version of Exchange
    - ICO will start

  7. Launching Beta Version of Exchange and Begin Listing BIDM on Major Exchanges

  8. - Exchange App Launching
    - Preparation for Launch - Marketing Camapaigns

  9. Launch of Freelance Platform

  10. Freelance App Launching

  11. Preparation for Launch - Marketing Campaigns

  12. E-Bid Marketplace Launch

  13. E-Bid Market App Launch

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