The Advantages of L-Pesa for Microfinance

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are very popular in developed countries. Blockchain has been incorporated in almost every aspect of the economy. It also has been proven that this technology brings even more advantages to the economy. Cryptocurrency and blockchain also can bring the same improvement to the economy for the developing nations in Africa, and for this reason, L-Pesa, the Kripton of Africa is developed. L-Pesa is the tool developing countries need to bring more improvement to their economy.

About L-Pesa
L-Pesa is the first blockchain based microloans platform in Africa developed for small businesses in developing nations. Creating more business opportunities in Africa is difficult because despite of the great inventions from the entrepreneurs, the financial system remains the same. Small business owners are unable to rely on traditional microloans because most of them only offer their service in rural areas. In the meantime, small business owners cannot take other type of loans from traditional financial institution because it is too risky for their small scale business.

By taking advantage of blockchain, L-Pesa creates a smart contract microloans platform which allows entrepreneurs to take loans more easily in Ether or Bitcoin. L-Pesa has a goal to help entrepreneurs in Africa, and later more developing nations in the other continents to gain easier and less risky access to credit.

The Advantages of L-Pesa for Microfinance
There are many advantages that L-Pesa will give to the people in Africa. Even though it is mainly targeted for small business, everybody basically can benefit from a low risk cryptocurrency based microloans. Whether it is to grow their business or plan an important life event, L-Pesa is ready to help.

Microloans are very common in developing countries. But now the question is, what makes L-Pesa different with traditional microloans? L-Pesa will take all the great things about microloans but blockchain technology will make it more efficient.
Traditional microloan is known to be very complicated. The cost of the overhead is very high, which in the end of the day, will put too much burden for the borrower. L-Pesa, by taking advantage of blockchain technology will solve this problem. Thanks to blockchain, transaction will be much faster, cheaper and safer. Furthermore, L-Pesa also uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the underwriting process. L-Pesa also will take advantage of the rise of mobile technology to give more convenience for the people to manage their loans.

Moreover, L-Pesa is not a business that develops to follow the cryptocurrency trend. The idea of L-Pesa has been developed for a decade and incubated ever since. The operating model and technology also have developed over the past couple of years to make sure the system is ready once it is launched to the public.

Token Details
L-Pesa token is called Kripton. The ICO has been started on April 10, 2018 and will be completed on May 10, 2018. The token runs on Ethereum blockchain and can be stored in any wallet that supports standard ERC-20 coins.
  • Token Name: Kripton
  • Token Ticker: LPK
  • Token Protocol: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token Price: 17,500 LPK/ETH
  • Payment Accepted: ETH
  • Total Supply : 2,600,000,000 Kripton
  • For Sale : 1,508,000,000 Kripton
  • Hard Cap : $52,000,000

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L-Pesa Team
  • Ron Ezra Tuval, Founder, CEO
  • Riaz Laskar, Developer
  • Somsubhra Saha, Developer
  • Jordan Balindo, Country Manager, Tanzania
  • Andrew Langat, Country Manager, Kenya
  • Dominic Gichomo, Country Manager, Uganda
  • Amitabh Roy, Project Manager
  • Angualia Daniel, Legal Counsel, Uganda
  • Khaya Maloney, Operations Manager, South Africa
  • Desiree Domo, Copywriter & PR
  • Uttam Kumar Karmakar, Designer
  • Malcolm Ngugi, Legal Counsel, Kenya
  • Mselem Said, Director, Tanzania
  • Leonard Jackson, Marketing support
  • Yunia Warioba, Support, Tanzania
  • Analisa Mtetemela, Support, Tanzania
  • Sandipan Paul, Accountant
  • Bernard Kipkurui, Support
  • Athumani Athumani, Support
  • Tamir Hodorov, Manager of the International Division at Hodorov Law Firm
  • John Petersen, Business Development
  • Bogdan Fiedur, ICO Advisor and Blockchain Tech.
  • Kevin Donovan, ICO Advisor
  • Shaun Saunders, PR ICO Advisor
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: L-Pesa Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LPK team!

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