ZPER Offering Blockchain-Based Investment and Loan Platform

The emergence, and subsequently the development, of blockchain in technology industry has truly been undermining powers of centralized services. Regardless of the areas it’s highlighted, one sector that has been in desperate need of innovation is the finance sector. Having been conservative for such a long time now, the sector along with the industries have faced numerous limitations. These limitations at times hinder the potential of an industry’s development.

What is ZPER and Its Mission?
As one of the first decentralized investment and loan platform to be based on Blockchain, ZPER emerges to offer a solution. Aiming at creating unique finance ecosystem with Peer-to-Peer system, the company combines industrial Peer-to-Peer finance and asset values of data from across the globe. The ZPER integrated platform in question will finance the P2P ecosystem transcending both country and currency.

The goal of this platform is to expand and ultimately enhance the value chains of Peer-to-Peer finance market. Simultaneously providing participants with reasonable yet reliable trading opportunities. To understand the finance ecosystem ZPER has created, see a few of the platform’s conditions in the following section:
  • Voluntary creative data provision is more than necessary for borrower, which will then be evaluated by data providers.
  • Investment opportunities that transcend regional limitations and borders.
  • Contract and bond management is irreversible.
  • The participation of Peer-to-Peer finance companies in global setting can be trusted.
  • Sufficiently diversified investment portfolios will be provided to investors.
  • Values shared by participants will be distributed fairly.
Getting to Know ZPER Ecosystem
ZPER offers a decentralized ecosystem based blockchain technology. The environment services as a place where a wide range of companies and individual investors are engaged in Peer-to-Peer financial system. Regardless of where you are in the world, the ecosystem offers free participation. ZPER does not only offer a platform for Peer-to-Peer financial to take place, but also ensures secure and transparent transaction in its platform. The platform caters to the varying needs of participants.

Below are the different type of participants along with the explanation on who are categorized as such: Investors Any individual or institution who are will to generate profits by making an investment on the products provided by Peer-to-Peer finance companies listed within the ZPER ecosystem with the following requirements:
- Making an investment in individual products that belong to Peer-to-Peer finance companies
- Making an investment in portfolios which are exclusively designed by RoboAdvisors
- Making an investment in other receivables which are put on requested resale

  • P2P Finance Companies
    These companies are in charge of controlling the overall investment processes. This includes generating loans, assessing borrowers, managing reimbursements, and more.
  • RoboAdvisor Companies
    RoboAdvisor companies is in charge of analyzing investment products within the ZPER ecosystem. With its unique algorithms, the system is based on investment periods, default rates, return rates, insolvency rates and many more.
  • NPL Buyer
    The ones categorized as NPL Buyers are any individual or institution who has pledged to make a purchase on non-performing loans. For many investors, this typically serves as other loan guarantor in ZPER ecosystem.

Other participants you may choose from are Borrowers and Data Providers. ZPER is scheduled to launch its Token Crowd Sale and wallet service soon. To get involved, visit https://zper.io.

  • JB Kim, Co-founder, CEO
  • Jake Lee, Co-founder, CEO
  • Sean Park, Co-founder, CSO
  • George Hahn, Co-founder, CGO
  • SJ Min, CBDO
  • Leo Moon, Senior Software Engineer
  • SH Baek, Full-Stack Engineer
  • SH Lee, Server Engineer
  • SK Im, Full-Stack Engineer
  • JY Min, Financial Affairs
  • KS Shin, Operation Strategy
  • DY Shin, Operation Management
  • JH Shin, UI/UX Designer
  • DY Shin, Marketing
  • JH Kim, Community Manager
  • Melissa Lee, Marketing Manager
  • Christine Yoon, Marketing Manager
  • Sean Shin, CEO at Dayli Financial Group
  • Sudhi Herle, Sr. Strategy Consultant to the CTO of Samsung Mobile
  • Suyong Park, COO of Daylii Financial Group
  • Hoon Lee, Council Member of ICON Foundation
  • Joe Kim, Managing Director of XnTree at L39
  • James Pack, Director at GoldenTree Asset Management
  • K Wang, CEO at Coinbin
  • Jake Kim, Director & Investment Manager at Innobase
  • Natalia Lee, Finda, CEO
  • SH Lee, Shinseung Accounting Corp. Director
  • David Yang, CEO at Quarterback Group
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: ZPER Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ZPR team!

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